It has been over six years since launching Moxie Mama. It is hard to fathom it’s been that long! 

Writing has been put on the back burner for some time.  Today marks a return to my passion piece—publishing articles to the blog itself. 

Sometimes it feels indulgent to spill the contents of my brain into the public domain.  Other times, the vulnerability is too much to bear. Most of my private writing the past couple of years has been…deeper. Much has happened in our world and the shift in my thoughts and words was significant and I held back from putting myself into an exposed space. 

The origins: 

In 2017, Moxie Mama started as a home for the midlife, soon-to-be-empty-nester to find fashion, joy, adventure, and hopefully confidence. Moxie is a force of nature. A boldness. I witnessed many of my peers keeping themselves small at a time we should be preparing for new-found freedom. If confidence and boldness felt gluttonous in the midst of launching your kidults, I was going to bust the myth. I felt, and still do, that being bold ourselves is a gift our children. 

I covered fashion shows, trends, hit local red carpets, judged a beauty pageant, and curated epic summer bucket lists to enjoy with my boys before they left for college. 

closet, dressing room, recording studio

In 2019, craving more substance, I launched the Meant for Moxie podcast Showcasing survival, no THRIVAL stories, became a powerful means of sharing the stories you may not know.  So many people in our world have remarkable lives and have done extraordinary things, yet we don’t know their stories.

Sharing experiences from cult survivors to best-selling authors to TikTok sensations with a message has opened my mind to one great truth: we all have our share of challenge, and we all are capable of great things.


2020 brought everything to a screeching halt.  I had planned to launch a coaching business in my 50th year and the pandemic landed like a grenade.  My love of dressing up became how to feel good about yourself in sweatpants for year.  “Things to do for fun” became this overwhelming dread that we couldn’t do anything anymore.  It was a super uncomfortable space for me (as with 99.9% of the world), so I leaned into the discomfort.  I did a ton of internal exploration and work.  I was introduced to the Enneagram and that got the wheels turning.

Suffice it to say, Moxie Mama took a serious turn.  I spent much of the next couple of years taking classes and gaining certifications.  As someone who never particularly loved nor excelled in school, I am super proud that this old dog learned a LOT of new tricks since 2020!  My coaching certifications include the Enneagram (to be used for personal development or in family/business structures), Dream destination coaching (what’s that thing you’ve always wanted to do), Systemic coaching (relationships to others in systems from family to the workplace), and so much more.  Working with a coach is for anyone who feels STUCK and wants to UNBOX their potential.

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And finally, if ONE new project is good, MANY new projects are better, right?

In 2022, Conman did the Disney college program and Mom here decided to add Disney travel agent to the portfolio.

Disney has always been a serious happy place for me and my family.  Our many trips, at every stage of the kids’ lives (and now traveling with friends), bring joy and whimsy to us.  I have always loved helping others plan magical adventures, so this seemed like a logical step to take.

Moxie Mama proper won’t overwhelm with too much Disney.  I’m looking to slightly rebrand and separate these into the content that YOU want in your inbox.

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And now you are caught up!

When I look back on the evolution of Moxie Mama, I love the growth but find the changes staggering.  It has been challenging, fulfilling, overwhelming, and jubilant.

And I thank you ALL for coming along for the ride.