video of poetry slam

I mentioned in my last post that I’d done a fair amount of writing but haven’t published a G-D thing.

Some of my thoughts feel silly.  Other thoughts are frankly terrifying to publish.  As an enneagram 7, I do not like to go into the hard feelings very often.  When I do write them down, it’s to file them away in a dark place so I can get back to sunshine and rainbows.

This particular thought sort of fell into my head from out of the sky.  As a bear of very little brain (sorry, that last sentence reads like Winnie the Pooh to me), I just wrote the first thought.  I pulled it out after a day to edit and realized as I read it in my own head it was a slam.

I am NO Russell Simmons nor Amanda Gorman (I wish).  It is not 2002. The last poem I wrote was in 7th grade about a boy who didn’t know I existed so what the hell was I thinking??

So completely terrified, I recorded it, hit publish, and here it is.

Here’s to doing the brave thing.