Almost two years ago, a friend introduced me to the enneagram. The enneagram is a personality typography.  The enneagram is based off an ancient philosophy that there are nine distinct personality types, and is a very in-depth study of each of them.

I became OBSESSED! ¬†I found out from taking the RHETI exam that I am a type 7. ¬†Type 7’s are characterized by constantly seeking joy, being exceptionally extroverted, and overusing exclamation points!!! ¬†They also say things like “I am totally obsessed with________” (like the enneagram) all the time.

7’s love to celebrate and try to find the good in every situation. ¬†There is, however, a darker side–we also do these things to avoid pain. ¬†It can be difficult for 7’s to be taken seriously because of their playful personalities, yet being taken seriously is a core driver of the 7. ¬†You can see the conundrum.

What I love about this study is that I’ve learned that much about myself is hardwired. ¬†Enneagram scholars provide their studies of how the various numbers engage with one another, and how to remove yourself from stress and move to a place of rest.

All the celebrating 7’s do can be very fun. ¬†One of the greatest challenges I face is the quiet. ¬†Being in my own headspace–meditating, journaling–is an incredible task. ¬†I often will find excuses to play rather than address my to-do list. ¬†It isn’t like normal procrastination, either.

In February, I celebrated turning 50 full of joy and promise for a great year–encouraging everyone to EMBRACE their own JUBILEE!!! Now imagine this same exact person is doing the social distancing thing. ¬†For 51 days so far. Yeah. ¬†Nothing BUT headspace.

Photo by Julie Kahlbaugh-Emmel

My Quarantine SAVIOR–Enneagram and Coffee

Fortunately, in the throes of quarantine, my favorite Instagram account, Enneagram and Coffee¬†announced a book launch for the HONEST Enneagram and asked for applicants to join her book launch team. ¬†I immediately applied and was welcomed to the street team! ¬†YAY!!! Something exciting with lots of exclamation points! ¬†This book has CHANGED MY LIFE. ¬†Sarajane Case gently challenges each type to dig into what doesn’t work, how to leverage our strengths, and for us 7’s, to sit in our own headspace. ¬†

In addition to my own work, I’m studying the types of my boys and Himself, learning how I can better support them in their stressors. ¬†The timing of this book could not have been better.

I use Enneagram typography in my confidence coaching.  It helps me to truly understand the essential values and drivers of my clients, and what may hold them back.  It has been a powerful tool, but I am learning more as I go.

The Virtual Book Club

I am so excited to announce that the #moxiesquad is going to have a virtual book club with “the HONEST Enneagram,” and I want YOU to be a part of it! ¬†I will announce the exact date(s) once I know how many of you want to join! And it’s really easy!

  1. order your copy of “The HONEST Enneagram” by Sarajane case via the link above (amazon affiliate link).
  2. Take the RHETI exam HERE   The Exam costs $12 and you will receive a detailed report about your typing.  You can marry it up to the book and start digging in! 
  3. Send me an email at with a subject line BOOK CLUB and stay tuned for more details. ¬†I’m targeting the end of May, so let’s do it!
I can't wait to share this book with you all and we can embrace our best selves!

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