I had great eyebrows in the 1980’s. ¬†Actually, we all did. ¬†Gen X had the gift of Brooke Shields to lead us away from the tweezers. ¬†The generation ahead of us, the boomers, had to undo the Twiggy trend as adults.

And then, the late 90’s happened. ¬†It seems like every 20 years or so, the fashion world changes the rules and delicate skinny brows come back. ¬†Unfortunately, I fell victim to this ravaging right as I was having babies. ¬†The teensy, skinny little brows were made SO MUCH WORSE by the epic weight gain of pregnancy.

To make matters worse, after the years of pregnancies, I got hit with hypothyroidism.  I am certainly NOT alone in this, but now not only did I have skinny brows, but the tails of them literally fell out.  AWESOME.

After consulting my doctor and getting the care for the condition, I invested in some great brow pencils and got to work. It was about this time that the Kardashians with their luxe brow game changed the rules yet again.

Think eyebrows don't matter? How about the before and after of screen legend Grace Kelly?????

My First Tattoo

Ok, not exactly. ¬†But I got your attention, didn’t I?

So while I mastered the pencils and gels, turning 50 was looming and I just felt…meh. ¬†(Ironic that this was BEFORE covid–who knew that brows could be the biggest issue, and also that COVID would make ONLY our eyes so very important–masks anyone?)

Eyebrows have been the #1 question I’ve had from you all since the inception of Moxie Mama, did you know that? ¬†(Second is styling jeans). ¬†We ALL are facing thinner brows and undoing the tweezing damage of our youth. ¬†Also, a decent brow actually makes you look YOUNGER (read:more rested).

I was introduced to Janneth Avila at La Marie Brow Club via a mutual friend. ¬†Janneth was looking for models as she wrapped up her training to do microblading so I figured I’d be the guinea pig for the Moxie Squad!

Before, during, and after (stock photo)
Three different processes
There is a moment that feels like Groucho Marx. Don't freak out.

The experience was great.  Janneth and I had a long consultation about what my goal was and I had ideas of brows I liked.  I did NOT want caterpillar fake, but properly groomed and full.  The individual hairs are stroked into your existing brows in tattoo fashion.  You work together on color, fullness, etc.

Here are my takeaways:

  1. totally do this if you can.  I love the result
  2. It doesn’t hurt. ¬†If you get a scrapey or pinching feeling, just speak up and they can use more numbing agent.
  3. Go into your consultation knowing which eyebrow is your favorite. ¬†Silly, right? ¬†But I was like “Oh yeah, I definitely do have a favorite so do that!”
  4. Eyebrows are SISTERS, not TWINS. ¬†If you see the portfolio of your technician and they have all twin brows, look for someone else. ¬†In my case, it wasn’t even years of experience that made Janneth so good…she’s been a makeup artist FOREVER and just has the right artistic touch.
  5. Follow all before prep and after care RELIGIOUSLY. ¬†I’m linking the FAQ to LaMarie below, but this is sooo important.
  6. You get one treatment, then go back for a touch up at 6 weeks (in my case, covid hit, so it was months.  Still super happy with the result). Then about once a year, depending on how your skin sheds.
  7. Time any other treatments appropriately (peels, tanning, botox).
  8. This isn’t just a “silly” aesthetic thing. ¬†I know a cancer survivor who never got her brows back who looks YEARS younger and healthier having done this (photo below). ¬†It can really make a difference when your doesn’t come back.
  9. You will look better even just waking up.  Seriously.  Rested.  Younger.  This was a game changer.
  10. If you have the means, just do it (see #1).

FAQ (and my goal for my brows, a visual)

Frequently asked Questions...

There are too many questions to answer, so I’m linking the expert advice HERE¬†

I highly recommend Janneth, but everyone at La Marie can schedule online and are SO SO good!  Prices vary per artist also

Laura – $550 with six week touch up included

Danielle – $550 with six week touch up included

Mandy – $500 with six week touch up included

Janneth – $450 MICROBLADING (no shading) with six week touch up included

Touch ups – start at $195*