charm: (n) 1. the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration.

2. a small ornament worn on a necklace or bracelet

lucky charm: (n) an item believed to bring good fortune to its owner

I’ve never been one for superstition.  Evil eyes, rabbits’ feet , shooting stars–none of them resonated with me much.  While I did once find a four-leaf-clover, I don’t credit it with fortune.

That said, I know I’ve been a very lucky and #blessed person.  I attribute much of this to being grateful when I do receive good fortune, in addition to old-fashioned hard work.  I have a practice of envisioning success during planning stages and times of action, and believe wholly in the Law of Attraction. Although there’s always a bit of “right place, right time,” I don’t place stock in a talisman to make everything a-ok.

My one and only four-leafed clover!
Dug is my spirit animal...SQUIRREL!

Here’s the problem…I also am scattered, disordered, and my schedule is chaotic.  I am distracted by fun things, cleaning things, TV things, and people things and dog things.  This has resulted in a lot of desire for success and fulfillment, and a lot of missed goals.  Frankly, I’ve been searching for some sort of lucky charm to help me prioritize my to-do list and keep some semblance of balance.  Squirreling through life is exhausting.

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Earlier this year, in my effort to reclaim myself, my schedule, and my goals, I invested in PUSH Journals from entrepreneur Chalene Johnson.  Created for (but not limited to) the ADHD brain, this system works on 90-day goals and I fell madly in love with them. One problem…I still couldn’t decide what was most important when it came time to prioritize my days.

I thought, “How can I determine what’s most significant when it comes to not only my goals, but overall fulfillment?” What I wanted was a formula, a system, dare I say:  a LUCKY CHARM to make it EASY.

LITERALLY came to me in my sleep...

Then, during a long night of some sleep and some insomnia (thanks, midlife), it came to me.  I saw four boxes or pillars. In each was something I valued highly–CONNECTION, HAPPINESS, RECOGNITION, and MONEY. Fill just one, and the whole thing was out of balance, fatigue could set in.  But a thoughtful plan, that checked each of these boxes fairly equally, could actually work. Fortuitously, those pillars also made a great acronym–CHaRM.

I set about trying it.  I had Himself test it out.  It was working!  I was accomplishing so many things and feeling GOOD about it. I felt LUCKY to have had this vision become so clear to me.

putting my vision into action

After assembling a team of beta testers, I received feedback that everyone was discovering gaps in their priorities. Comments included:

  • “I didn’t realize how much time I spend with people who suck my energy.”
  • “My daily to-do list now makes sure I don’t stack too much into one quadrant”
  • “I thought I was really productive because I do get a lot done.  I realized I tend to fill my days with distraction projects NOT things to move my business forward.”
  • “I am helping my dad after surgery.  That’s important, but I wasn’t getting MY stuff done.  I’ve delegated some work out and am back to checking those boxes in balance!”

The joy I got as these messages came in filled my heart!  Dare I say–I felt fulfilled too!  Like I found my Lucky CHaRM

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Four tenets, four-leafed clover. #luckyCHaRM