Some of you are shaking your head right now…”does she mean the dude who made all the teen movies in the 1980’s?” Yet others just read that title and know exactly where I’m going with this.

It’s 1984, and I’m meeting my first boyfriend. His name is Jake Ryan. To be honest, I still adore Jake Ryan. I mean, how freaking cute is he?

Still swooning 35 years later.

At 14, I learned quickly that being a fashion-forward redhead would get you all the cutest boys. It worked time and time again for Molly Ringwald, so why not me? Right?

Loved Samantha’s dress at the dance…

perfection…gen X right here…

OBVIOUSLY that WAS NOT the case AT ALL, but John Hughes had me HOOKED. Yes, Jake was ideal, but Molly Ringwald’s wardrobe was EVERYTHING TO ME.

Was this just once? Hell no! Pretty in Pink (styled by Marilyn Vance) showed heroine Andi re-envisioning the coolest vintage into a modern vibe, and Ducky was so much KITSCH.

Probably the fashion piece de resistance for me was The Breakfast Club.

I mean, from varsity cool to emo to geek chic, they nailed it. Claire’s style is a collection of items not entirely meant to go together, but they read “oh this old thing? I barely tried” (all the while totally trying and making us all jealous of how easy she makes style look). ***note: I will not discuss John Bender because that particular bad boy was just, um, something I can’t talk about here. All I’ll say is there is still something about Bender that is FIRE…same as when I was 15. But back to fashion…

Without realizing it, John Hughes shaped my love for the sartorial and encouraged my own unique style.

The one film that seems to garner less attention is “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Fewer characters in the cast, and a single day plot line narrowed the fashion opportunities. That said, I present exhibit A, Sloan Peterson:

Too cool for school, Sloan ditches for the day.

No big 80’s hair, the most EPIC leather fringe jacket, shorts and BOOTS? I mean this look broke ALL THE RULES. I wanted nothing more than to BE Sloan Peterson and scoured the malls to copy the look.

Needless to say, I’ve been on the quest for this jacket since 1986. Yes I found white boots. Yes I’ve worn them with shorts even. But the WHITE leather fringe jacket has been as elusive as the sasquatch.

Fear not, gentle friends…this summer, Nordstrom Rack delivered. It has only taken 33 years, but I have been able to recreate the SLOAN.

Sloan in middle age.

The great news is these are all pieces that are pretty much staples in my closet–yes even the leather shorts. I’ve linked the look with some budget-friendly versions (sadly my exact jacket is sold out booo) but you can shop the look here. Honestly the jacket, boots and the shorts are on constant rotation. AND I’ve got Halloween all wrapped up and it’s only September!

You’ll be seeing more of these style inspo posts in the coming months. Please send me your favorite movie styles and I can tell you how to shop the look. Who inspired your style? Who’s look do you covet? Give it your best shot!




I am seriously feeling myself in this look…Date night, concert, you name it I am ready.