You've just joined the #moxiesquad

Moxie is defined by Webster’s dictionary as a force of nature, determination, or nerve. Urban dictionary calls it sass, spunk, determination, and attitude. Sounds ideal, right? Who wouldn’t want to have moxie?

Women tend to lose sight of our moxie—years of sleepless babies, diapers, carpools, and pee wee sports certainly isn’t sexy, but we love that part and love the little humans we are raising. We tell ourselves it’s temporary, but we often are tired and overwhelmed and forget that we have to come first. For YEARS. It’s part of the package—a rite of passage, if you will. Don’t get me started on menopause in the mix…

But what if is WASN’T? What if you had a friend reminding you that you are fun and sassy and can still wear ripped up jeans? What if there was a constant cheerleader urging you to be BOLD yourself?

I get it—it feels indulgent. Our kids are supposed to come first and our lives and passions aren’t a priority. Someday soon, however, our kids will go off to college or real life and we will be standing there wondering where to begin. Making ourselves and our own adult relationships a REAL priority is never indulgent, either! It is a great message to our children that we also matter. That we have dreams keeps them braver in pursuit of their own.

Maybe, like me, you’re in the middle of the sandwich generation.  Launching your kids while relocating parents means trying to enjoy all the time you can with both generations, but very often not enough time with ourselves.

Whether you work out of your home, from your home, or are a hard-working SAH mom, you are running ALL. DAY. LONG. Finding the time to shop, plan a trip, take up a hobby seems impossible.

Moxie Mama® is the story of how we can get that spunk back and turn this phase of life into the best we’ve got!

Because fashion and image are my creative outlet, there is a lot of style here–but  this is NOT your daughter’s fashion blog!!! While I believe that image matters as part of our confidence, I know that not every day is beautiful and that is also ok.

We will have a focus on YOU and being your most MOXIE-ful self. Keeping confident in a time of physical (hello, perimenopause) and emotional (kids to college and parents aging) turmoil is HARD.  Moxie Mama is here to be honest about the tough times and provide advice from experts as well as hacks from me. I’ve created a literal system to exercise that confidence muscle.

Most importantly, Moxie Mama®  is about sisterhood, honesty, and FUN! The internet is full of debate, drama, and seemingly unattainable standards. I can never take myself or my life too seriously and I promise to keep it real and laugh A LOT! So thanks for joining the #moxiesquad I’m pleased to meet you!

Sam is a confidence coach and stylist. She works with individual clients to adapt their inner and outer image to meet their goals and lifestyle, as well as clearing out the past that lingers in her clients’ closets. Sam also speaks to women’s groups about promoting the personal brand through image, building a functional wardrobe that works for YOU, and many other topics.

An extrovert on steroids and director of FUN, Sam is also constantly planning “field trips,” nights out, and boondoggles for her friends and family.  She loves connecting the dots between friends and making introductions.

Sam is the daughter of BK and Mommy Mac and sister to three as well as DIL, SIL, aunt and GREAT aunt to many.

Most importantly, she is the proud wife of the best guy around, Himself, and a consummate BOYMOM to Conman (19) and Tbone (17).  These three have taught her true boldness, courage, and how funny gas can be.  And then there’s Guinness the Menace–The Airedale terror.  He may yet get his own blog.

Short attention span?  Don’t I know it!  Take a look at a micro documentary about Moxie Mama produced by John Craig Media.

Great overview of my current obsessions and what I do.  Cameos from Guinness the Menace and our squatter dog, Eli.  Swearing included