• "I have had the pleasure of working with Sam Ditka and seeing her dynamic public speaking, coaching and training. She exhibits a savvy fashion sense, while being cognizant of her clients lifestyles and what their ultimate goals are; short and long term.  What makes Sam's skill unique is her great attention to detail and care.  She has mastery in her field and is a leader in leveraging business tools, coaching on social media and networking techniques in multiple platforms."

    Lori C, The Cronican Group (Capehart Photography)

  • If you wish you had a personal stylist to pull all of your outfits together and/or enjoy shopping with that one “really fun” friend, you are in the right place!

    I love, love, LOVE clothes, but used to buy what I believed to be great pieces that then sat in my closet because I wasn’t sure how best to wear them.  Sam has an amazing knack for understanding each client’s unique personal style and pulling together full outfits that compliment that style.  From makeup to shoes and everything in between (especially the clothes!) she creates go-to outfits that rival what you see in magazines on your favorite stars.

    Sam’s knowledge of fashion – mixing fabrics, where jeans should be distressed, how to pull pieces from different seasons together and more – is invaluable to those of us who just want to look good.  Like shopping with a true friend, Sam will also tell you what doesn’t look good and will never let you leave the house in something that doesn’t compliment you and make you feel fabulous!

    Kelly S, Attorney

  • Sam spoke to our OHIO Women in Business group about the importance of personal branding, how to get started, and best practices she has formed from her experience. It was easily our most successful event that year. Sam is not only a captivating speaker, but an absolute expert on self branding on social platforms. We got overwhelming feedback on how helpful and applicable the insight she shared was for our members. I've personally been coached by Sam as well. She's a joy to work with and sharp as a whip. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for coaching or a public speaker on personal branding!

    Kirby F.

  • As a woman running a small business I rarely shop in my spare time. When out of the office I like to focus on my home and family life as much as I can.  Finding time to shop or research up to date styles can be tough for me.

    One day Sam and I were talking and she said, "If you know your time is limited and struggle with your body shape, why WOULDN’T you simplify and let me do the work FOR you?”

    At first I wasn't sure what to think about a personal shopper. My body type is not common, so having another woman dress me felt a little intimidating. Those feelings of intimidation immediately melted when I arrived. Sam not only made me feel at home, but she had styles prepared as well as tailoring suggestions. She brought together looks that reflected by personal style and worked with my assets. :) Thank you Sam! Whether you're looking for a professional look or want to stun at a bbq, she is your girl.  She will forever be the secret weapon in my stylish back pocket. 

    Alicia B.


  • I’ve shopped with Sam Ditka for a long time. She amazed me because the first time I worked with her she was able to just look at me and know what to put me in. She knew my size without any measuring, just a practiced eye.

    At my first appointment, I had been very ill and did NOT like the way I looked. I was trying to come back but didn’t feel very good--my looks were the last thing on my mind. My husband, trying to help me feel better sent me to Sam. She picked out several outfits, pushed me in the changing room and the magic began. I’d never in all my life felt as pretty as I did that first day-- and I had just met Sam! I think I might have even said something like “oh my gosh, I’m so pretty!”.  It was pure happiness.

    She’s the kind of woman you want in your corner whether it’s your clothes or as your friend. Proud to now be friends with this strong, sincere woman.