(or, the Back to School, Real-Life Edition)

Did you know that September is ACTUALLY Self-Improvement month? I feel pretty certain it is because we just spent the last three months home 100% with our kids and now they’re back to school (so we can NOT think about them for a few hours each day). Aside from signing codes of conduct, teacher syllabi, sending hundreds in PTA or booster dues, and shuttling to eleventy sports or arts activities, somewhere we barely function at all find time for ourselves.

Yeah, I know, not ideal. My BTS was totally different this year with a college freshman (We are doing ok, thanks for asking. Though I would have liked maybe just a touch of homesick? At least pretending he missed us? Maybe?). That timeline shortened our summer as well.

Thing 1 (Conman) headed off to Pitt





Why yes, Thing 2 (Tbone) DID start his junior year with an injury…

Then there is the “little one” who now drives to school, so my mornings are different. Lots of time to get to the gym, plan my days, and execute that self improvement plan I paused for 12 weeks. Easy breezy, right?




SURPRISE! My parents are moving back to town!!! (aka welcome to the sandwich generation)

BK and Mommy Mac celebrating their new home! Third time (in Pittsburgh) is a charm!

Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, this is something I and my siblings have been campaigning for for YEARS. As lovely as it sounds to visit the grands in a beautiful Florida home with a pool, nearby beaches and fun shopping (ahem, not far from Disney people), it’s just not that easy to visit when your kids do ALL OF THE THINGS. So the move back north is one I heartily endorse.

Mommy Mac and BK arrived on the second day of school for a whirlwind tour of places, found a great new location, secured an agent for their home down south, and then…DORIAN. And my poor folks have been here ever since. Watching the Weather. Waiting. Calling about their dog. Worrying.

The challenge of balancing our children and our parents is REAL–we want to be there for everyone–but being the bologna in that proverbial sandwich sometimes does feel like pressed meat (just kidding Mom! I really am glad you’re moving back)!

My point is…

…eventually the process will continue. I do re-set resolutions and intentions each fall mostly because the schedule is inherently more regular than summer. I cook more. I find time for self care and wellness. Yet sometimes, the best laid plans don’t realize, or at least in the right time frame.

In the meantime, if you are like me and typically mach 5 with your hair on fire, give yourself GRACE. Learning to just BE in the moment, whether it’s a tough one or the one you’ve been working towards for ages, just BE. Breathe. Find grace. THIS is where lies RESILIENCE, that word I’ve focused on this year…

Oh, and make lists. LOTS AND LOTS OF LISTS. Sometimes checking those boxes is the BEST form of selfcare and self-improvement we have!

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