or--How it started, How it's going...

On March 3, 2017, I launched this little corner of the internet. I’ve told the origin story too many times to recount, so I won’t bore you with the details again.

I had an absolute blast at the beginning. ¬†I leaned into fashion, midlife, and the summer bucket list. ¬†I even once rocked out in a hamburger onesie, ultimately getting shared on Amy Schumer’s story and garnering a cease and desist letter from the Pittsburgh Dad. ¬†Disruption, fun, curiosity and courage were all at the core of Moxie Mama.

the author in a pajama onesie covered in hamburgers
A collaboration with McDonalds

The fashion piece was a cornerstone.  I was working in luxury fashion in 2017, and it made sense to start there.  As I worked with more women 1:1 in styling, I recognized that the thing that brings us confidence is not something you put on, it comes from our soul.  Dressing is a supporting role in our success.  The pandemic pulled the rug out from fashion in 2020, too.  Showcasing what to wear for the office or date night was totally irrelevant for more than a year, and I had some work to do on me during that forced downtime.

Once the fog cleared, I had an idea and loads of shiny objects in my field of vision that, unfortunately, caused too much distraction to make a purpose from the idea. And, of course, wondering if I was too old to change it up…

the definition of moxie--a force of nature

As the business grew into a coaching focus over the past few years, I felt what many of us do during periods of change–imposter syndrome. ¬†Before I went back to school for certifications, the doubt was steeped in lack of education and the coursework helped. ¬†Later it grew into my fierce protection of and investment in the brand¬†which gave me pause. ¬†My head filled with questioning whether the alliteration and use of moxie was too adjacent to “girlboss” vibes. ¬†Keeping MAMA in the title caused misogynistic echoes around me. ¬†Was it a moniker that males (or non-moms) may resist when seeking coaching services?

We all doubt ourselves, I believe it is simply at the core of human nature. ¬†Perhaps it is a survival instinct, but I believe in THRIVAL instincts. ¬†Keeping achievement and success on the compass, I spent the past few months researching and working with some marketing consultants. ¬†This process, with new eyes not emotionally invested in the brand, has taught me so much about myself, that I also plan to utilize “personal brand” processes into coaching for ALL. It has given me the confidence to be more vulnerable in sharing how I got here.

STILL Moxie Mama

just the author
Taking care of business

What I learned is that Moxie Mama is no longer ME, it is you and it is a mission–it is finding the courage commit to massive transformation. If moxie is a force of nature, then I am here to nurture it in YOU. I have now done the work with intention, taking myself more seriously than perhaps I ever have. ¬†The mama is now essentially the fierce mentor in me, and the level of investment in the empowerment and success of those around me. ¬†I do not need to shy away from appear as a “mom” because she is synonymous with support and encouragement.

I stand for unapologetic confidence, for being exactly who you are and knowing your worth.  I see your story and your struggle, and I have lived it myself.

This is a protective COMMUNITY now. ¬†Whether you are here as one person, or part of a team I engage with, every voice matters. ¬†If you are curious about personal transformation, seeking improvement of ¬†the culture of your organization, or have a dream that nags at you to START, let’s talk. Welcome home.

If Moxie Mama is YOU...

What are some things you'd like to see or discuss?

Fashion will generally take a backseat (unless it’s on my instagram or Facebook stories). ¬†I still love it and believe in the power of a solid outfit, but I’m here for the inner work. ¬†What sorts of topics would you like to see? ¬†Let me know!