Ahoy, me hearties–It be International TALK Like A Pirate DAY, my favorite holiday of the year!!!

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I have a tale to tell ye about my scurvy husband and our wee scallywags and how we came to be pirates:
WHY are we SOOOO pirate crazy?

ALL IN for Halloween in Disney World!

For our tenth wedding anniversary, we went on our first trip without the kids since having them.  That is a super difficult thing the first time you take a couple’s trip!  As if we weren’t stressed out enough about it, the kids did not understanding why they couldn’t come with us.  Himself, my creative and hilarious hubby said, “well, you see boys, I used to be a pirate and your mom was a sea witch. We were never supposed to fall in love–it was forbidden.  The sea witch community didn’t trust the pirates, and we pirates feared the wrath of the Sea warlock king.
“To break Mommy from Pap Pap’s spell, I had to collect a great fortune. When I did, Pap Pap released your mom from her fins, BUT I also hid some treasure in Puerto Rico. Now it is time to go back and collect it. My rival pirates are looking for my treasure and it’s just too dangerous for you.”
During our travel to the island, we passed a kiosk in the Philly airport. It was the author of a children’s book called “The Sailor and the Sea Witch.” We told him our story and he signed a copy of the book for boys with this: “C and T, I grew up hearing the legend I write within these pages. Imagine my surprise to find that the story is TRUE. I’m lucky to have met your parents, the muses for my tale, but how lucky are YOU to call them mom and dad. What an adventure your life will be.”
We came back with pirate treasure maps and dubloons and the legend was born!
To say Conman and Tbone were completely enraptured with this tale is a serious understatement.  They told their friends.  They embraced the pirate lifestyle. Halloween was all pirates all the time.  Thank you Disney for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies during these years!

Why yes, that is a jug of rum my three-year-old has there….what can I say, we are committed to our craft.

Peter Pan and Captain Hook!

But ARR, How can I celebrate?
Well, you can dress your dog like a pirate
You can obsessively buy Jon Josef smoking slippers with skull and crossbones on them and wear them for the holiday (or pretty much any other day).  Click the photo to check them out…pink and black. These are “vintage”
You can visit Retail me not for all the national Pirate Promotions going on, from Long John Silvers to “talk like a pirate” throw pillows! They’re all linked HERE 
I be posting a pirate personality quiz HERE
And ye pirate name generator HERE
Or punk your friends with this website of typical pirate lingo and drive them off the plank!
You can even change the language on your facebook to PIRATE!!!
Now yo ho, grab a bottle of rum, and CELEBRATE!!! Life’s too short to be serious.
Mad pirate love,
Vera “Mango Mad” Horn aka Moxie Mama aka Sam