I referenced the struggle of midlife and sleep a couple times in the past few months.  Once HERE with all my crazy sleep rituals, and again HERE with my review of a grounding mat. Night sweats, hormones, and all the issues of midlife caught up with me for months.

What I was NOT honest with you all about was the epic toll it took on me.  Digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and anxiety all hitched a ride on the perimenopausal bus.  Since my late 30’s I’ve been told it’s all part of aging and to basically buckle in.

Um, what?  I have zero control anymore over my weight, my ability to sleep, sweating at inconvenient times, or my basic mood and I have to suck it UP?  Any of this sound familiar out there?

We, NONE of us, needs to feel bad on a regular basis.  There is nothing that says aging needs to have tons of hideous symptoms that make us feel sick.  Heaven forbid it is something more significant than an autoimmune issue, some inflammation, or your GI at stake.

I do a TON of reading about the health issues facing women our age.  I’m not LOOKING for things to be wrong, but I have also been able to ask for tests based on symptoms myself.  I’m getting answers with education and advocacy.

One of many books I’ve read pertaining to midlife women’s health. I’ve linked several at the end of this post.

Learn to advocate for yourself and your loved ones.  Listen to your body when it whispers so you don’t have to hear it scream.  What a powerful statement.

And watch the video below for the MOST important question you can ask your doctor–as told to me by MY doctor.

Your symptoms are real.  Your doctor needs to believe you.  You are in charge of your health.





PS here are some of the resources I’ve used over the years.  Remember, I am NOT a physician.  Trust your instincts and your symptoms, do some reading, and find the doctor who will help YOU feel your BEST.


Dr. Northrup is so knowledgeable. Click the photo to purchase.

This is a little controversial, but essentially my result is 100% accurate to make ME feel better…linked in the photo.


This is also great for supporting your kids and/or parents. Linked in the photo.












This is from the photo above. Linked in the photo.

Dr. Lee’s book was really relevant to me a few years ago. This can start as early as age 28-30. Book linked in the photo.