I love trying new things. As long as I won’t hurt myself or someone else, I’m down to try almost anything. Curiosity gives me life.

Last fall, I was asked to speak on a podcast. I honestly only started listening to podcasts at the beginning of 2018, so I didn’t really know what it was all about, but decided to say yes anyway.

Women of Wonder is based in Columbus, Ohio and I happened to be there in December. I met with Lorrin and Andi at the Columbus Library (a beautiful spot, BTW) to record. Their podcast features women’s unique stories and I am truly honored to be part of their programming.

Click to hear us dish on fashion, feminism, sisterhood, and self care!

You can find them on iTunes, but there is SPECIAL content for those who subscribe to them via Patreon…If you want the minisode, check it out here

Let me know what you thought–likes and comments are always great. If this resonated with you, sharing is a wonderful compliment. As always, thanks for being on the #moxiesquad



PS special thanks to my friend Kirby for connecting me to the ladies of WOW, and for all of you for making me a WOW myself!