Myself with a recent donor family, and our compassionate nurse, Maggie

Some things and some people change your life forever. I’ve spoken of my sister-in-law and her unexpected passing which shook our family.

What I haven’t shared to this point is that Laura, fierce mother, loyal friend, and tireless champion of children was also an organ donor. While this may not seem to really FIT at Moxie Mama, advocacy and charity are hard-wired into me and worth a place here.

April is National Donate Life Month. What does that mean? It’s a time to recognize the real gift of organ donation. I’ve had the box checked on my driver’s license for YEARS, but taking the actual journey is quite different than checking a box. I spoke at the hospital where we spent five days in OCTOBER (CAPITALIZED because of its infamy at this point) about what the process was like, how we honored Laura’s wishes, and the unwavering support we got from both CORE (Center for Organ Recovery and Education) and Passavant Hospital. Take a look…

I would ask each of you to check the box and become an organ donor and KNOW you are giving the gift of life.

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Live outside of the PA area? Check the national site here.