• I’ll Treat You the Way you Treat Yourself…

    March 26, 2019
  • The Importance of YOUR self language

    I have a solid sense of humor and definitely enjoy making my OWN self the butt of a joke from time to time. Self-deprecating humor can be really effective as an ice-breaker or to diffuse a tense situation. Yet many of us overuse it and it becomes part of our branding.

    This is great if you are a stand-up comedian, but for the other 99.999% of us, our audience believes what we tell them. STOP RIGHT HERE and watch below for my thoughts on it….

    Manifest YOUR Moxie

    Do you catch yourself doing theses things? I still do and know it’s a struggle. Connect to share your story or how you plan to change your self-talk!



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    Hey, Sam! Loved this advise! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m finding myself doing this more and more with my jokes about aging. Like, “I forget more than I remember these days. I’m directionally dysfunctional. No one prepared me for my knees and elbows getting wrinkled.” Sometimes I crack myself up with what I say in my head...but, your talk will make me more aware that I don’t use it to write myself off. ❤️ Oh...I’m reading a great book by a Nashville author that you might like. It’s an easy read. Let’s All Ve Brave, Living Life With Everything You Have, by Annie Downs.


    very late reply but thank you and your admission of that negative language. keep up the good work!