I have the pleasure of working in a group with some truly dynamic women.  Each entrepreneurs, we hold each other accountable to our goals.

One of the women in my group is Donna Pinter.  She is a supremely talented artist, yet she also is a Reiki master, empath, and energy healer.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, our group has struggled with what we should be doing, how to manage our time with spouses and kids at home while we work, and the real issues of isolation and anxiety it has presented.  Donna has led us through powerful meditations which brought a sense of calm in the storm.

Donna’s spiritual gifts are a second facet of her career–that of Blu Angels.  This is where you can connect with her to learn about her healing services, meditation groups, and more.

It was my pleasure to interview Donna and learn about how she came to this calling and her perspective on the pandemic.  There is a BONUS minisode with a guided meditation for us all to use when we need some grounding.

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