About a year ago, I wrote a post about grief called “The Space in Between.” Six months into the journey, I recognized that I was preparing our family for the major milestones with such fervor that they became less difficult for me–I had a job, and event, something OTHER upon which to focus my attention.  What happened during that time was that the day AFTER a milestone was crippling to me.  That quiet space in between had me awash in my emotions, which has never been a comfortable place for me.

My personality, the Enneagram 7, social maven, extrovert–you name it–doesn’t sit with hard feelings easily.  In fact, being in my own brain is often my greatest challenge.  I’ve mentioned before that this time of quarantine, the shelter in place, has presented this extrovert with some hurdles.

The Quiet of Pandemic

You know, I just couldn’t put my finger on exactly WHAT I was feeling the past six weeks.  Solitude?  Yes.  Isolation? For sure.  Drawn to both nothingness simultaneously with a desire to excel at some new skill?  You betcha.  The reality, however, was just a fair amount of empty and waiting.

At this six week mark, I was in a small group studying meditations by Richard Rohr, a Franciscan Friar and Enneagram scholar.  Our Sunday meditation was on liminal space, a concept I had never heard before, yet I had a huge epiphany.  THIS was the space and feeling I’d been having for weeks. Since this moment, I have embraced this collective and magical PAUSE in our world, listened and noticed.

Liminal space aesthetically. It mourns the past or waits for the future.

I particularly appreciated the visuals to understand Liminal space–an abandoned mall, a deteriorating amusement park.  I’ve always been fascinated by images such as these, and wondered what the story behind them was.  I maybe even grieved a bit for what must have once been and pondered what could be with some care.

Liminal space has a vibrant history, and a story yet to tell.  It is actually, when you lean into its potential, a beautiful place for growth.  So lean in, I did.

My Resident “Expert” on the Quiet

My dear friend, Nicole Land, is a HUGE extrovert and high achiever.  Yet in the past few years, she also seems to have mastered (emphasis mine, not hers) existing in this space and learning from it. Nicole leads Stay Wild Child, a gathering of women remembering their inner child, and growing with her.

I had Nicole on a Facebook live, and I hope you enjoy our discussions and thoughts on how to enjoy this pause, and use it for your own BECOMING.

How are YOU doing?

Does this pause, transitional space feel familiar?

While I and Nicole are using this time to create and/or recreate, that may not be the right answer for YOU.  Rest and pause may be what you need for your wellness.  THERE ISN’T A RIGHT WAY RIGHT NOW, and there is no #winning in a pandemic.

Keep caring for you.  Keep reaching out here and stay connected.  As Nicole says, we are all just practicing together….