Three words for the year. This year, I’m keeping them in verb state and present tense.

This seems oddly specific, I am sure, but in the  past few years keeping PRESENT has been my hardest challenge.  I get distracted by shiny things, the promise of tomorrow, the future, the WHAT IFS.  The anxiety (ok sometimes anticipation–they’re almost the same thing) takes over either in enthusiasm or fear.  To-do lists are put aside and goals are underachieved.

When I came up with my three words for the year, I kept adding “I’m going to” and “I plan to” in front of them.  As a language person, I investigated why I might do this.  Getting harshly honest with myself, again, with that FUTURE issue. It read back to me like more of that proverbial “kicking the can down the road” and I am 100% OVER THAT!  I’m 50 in a month!  So, no time like the present.

As to the verbs themselves, verbs are ACTION words.  As much as I dig into feeling words most years–descriptors of how I want the year to feel and look–some of my goals keep rolling over, year to year.  I want to check the boxes in 2020.  It is overdue.


Anyone who has ever made resolutions or intentions for the month, year, or their life KNOWS that NOTHING happens without commitment.  There is work, analysis, setback, and PUSHING THROUGH BARRIERS.  Those barriers, be they boundaries of time/space/people or intense fear of either success or failure, are real and HUGE.

Breaking each goal down into weeks, days, or hours makes them so much more attainable and that’s where I am today.

I commit to today.  I commit to those manageable parts.  I commit to the self-discipline as well as the self care required to get me to my second word.


THIS is the one that haunts me.  I get it, it appears to many that I’ve achieved so much already–a blog, a podcast–but there are some things that have sat at half-staff for far too long.

I’m an excuse maker.  There.  I said it.  I do believe in total accountability, but I also will drop everything for someone or something else.  Meaning, I can never fail in the things that scare me the most if I never try.

Oh, I have very valid excuses.  My “busyness” comes from being present for my family and friends in need.  But when I get way overstressed or overwhelmed, then I add selfcare in as top on my to-do list.  Very few boxes are checked when I keep adding to the list.

My personality type desperately needs hard structure to finish what I start.  When I daily COMMIT, I will ACHIEVE–first by day, then by week, eventually forming the habit to tackle the big goals.


Moment of transparency, if you haven’t figured this out yet–celebration is in my blood.  I believe if we do not celebrate what we achieve, it simply isn’t worth it.

I know the “humblebrag” really bothers a lot of people.  NEWSFLASH–if you are self-employed (aaannnddd even if you work for others, TBH), there ain’t NO ONE to pat you on the back and you’d best do it yourself.

Frankly, I love when people share the AMAZING things they’ve done, seen, or have happened to them.  I love the survival and THRIVAL stories and toasting those folks brings me joy.

So guess what?  As I turn 50 and ACHIEVE and ACCOMPLISH all I set out to do, I WILL be celebrating.

But I will also be giving back.  I will celebrate YOU, I will partner with YOU through the blog, podcast, coaching, small group (oh hey, that’s new…) because I know that confidence is contagious and my systems for confidence WORK.

Will you COMMIT to ACHIEVE and CELEBRATE with me?  Not sure yet?  Leave me a comment, send me a message…find out!

Cheers to the new decade!


Speaking of celebrating and recognizing, did you know that every LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and TESTIMONIAL is a critical part of my business?

If my work resonates with you, perhaps a friend would like it, too?

And you know what, I would be very grateful.

xoxo, Sam