If you have been waiting for holiday shopping guides from me, my apologies.  I will have one coming–gifts of wellness, experience, and self care–but what I needed this season more than anything was some FUN and sparkly things to do.

Pittsburgh has LOTS of great holiday treats.  From the ice skating and shopping village in Market Square to Jingle Bar (and other holiday pop-ups), we have a lot of spirit here.

That said, Pittsburgh is one of only TWO host cities for the lighting extravaganza called LUMAZE this year!  In this of all years, with the challenges in my family, I am excited to be an ambassador for this cheery event.

love my honey

Himself and I attended on the opening night.  A super fun date night experience, we enjoyed the lights, music, shopping, and adult beverages.  Sadly, our photos did not turn out very well, so I went back with wonderful photographer, Nicholas Palermo, to capture the magic for you.

A winter wonderland with literally millions of lights all around, Lumaze has so much magic.

From the Icicle forest to a horse-drawn carriage, this sprawling space is filled with something for everyone.

Icicle forest
The photo opps are just endless.
Fun, interactive hopscotch for kids of ALL ages...
Relax in the glow swings
Yummy holiday cheer!

There are season passes available, which is a super value.  I recommend multiple visits because each trip is a little different.

Lumaze is truly wonderful for kids of all ages.  They have “date nights” on Fridays (not kid-free, but noted on their calendar if you’d like a night now), food and drinks in the CUTEST flashing lightbulbs (adult and kiddo beverages), the requisite souvenir shop, and fabulous vendors!

Plan to spend a lot of time, and wear a coat and comfy shoes–you would be surprised how extensive it is.

Lumaze is located in the 31st St Studios in Pittsburgh’s strip district and you can find more information HERE

Come share the Fairytale with YOUR family this holiday…