Yeah, a lot of 2018 was awful.  Many folks I know, including our family, suffered tremendous loss and challenge in 2018.  While I am glad to see the year end, it also fostered a ton of learning about myself and provided opportunities to meet some incredible new people. For that I am truly #blessed.

Here’s a little video to tell you more:

Last year’s word of the year was FRUITION.  I don’t like setting a ton of specific goals, more of a mood for the year.  This word had a foundation in family, faith, and fitness. While is wasn’t perfect, I definitely stuck to those pillars and lots came to fruition.  I spent some time digging in to my own health and finally getting some answers.  I learned some balance and what my body needs to stay present in light of change.  Joining a new church which really feels like home is something I’d missed for many years.  These two things clearly supported ME as I focused on family.  From the college visits to losing my sister-in-law suddenly and unexpectedly, those two things had to be running full steam.

What I’ve learned through all this in the past few months is that RESILIENCE is our most important quality, and the one I admire the most in others.  The ability to recover and adapt to not only survive but THRIVE is crucial to success, to wellness.  Think about it–what do we love more than anything in this country?  We can’t get enough of an underdog story.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.  That is resilience and that is my word for 2019.

In February, I will turn 49–just one short jump to 50.  That resilience is going to make the next decade my best yet.  I will log all the things I’m doing to care for myself, to improve where I can, and to explore what I want the next ten to look like.  Our family, together, will create our new normal and new traditions.

I look forward to knowing you all more in the next year!  I’m linking a few tools that I’ve loved lately to help me discover more about ME….Hope you like them!

Happy 2019,



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