In search of REST

In previous blog posts (like this one and this one), I’ve shared my endless quest for a good night’s sleep.  Late this past summer, a doctor shared with me that our country has an actual sleep crisis going on.  Specific to me, he shared that high-achieving women in their 40’s (read: perimenopausal. Epic hormonal shifts. Sweats. You get the idea) have lost the ability to sleep and are actually getting sick from it.  Autoimmune diseases as well as chronic inflammation disorders are on the rise, and he shared that sleep is a critical component.  In a long list of lifestyle changes he prescribed was regular, curative sleep.

not me. 😉

While I made changes like a regular sleep schedule, increasing my water intake and more, our area announced the opening of a float spa.  Curious, I began researching some of the benefits and contacted the local franchise of True REST.  The local owner, Tonya, shared this with me: >————————>


Definitely curious, Tonya invited me to come try out the spa.

Spa Day

When I arrived at the spa, I filled out a brief health questionnaire, got a quick tour, and watched a short video on floating–from the history, to the benefits, to etiquette.  This time in a lounger is a great segue to start your calmer mood.

Put your feet up and watch a little intro.

When you head back to your pod room, you take a great shower and wash your hair and body.  Being clean when you enter the spa is not just a courtesy, but required.  I find this to be another step-down into the calming effects of the float.

The pod is sizable and houses about 10 inches of warm water (not hot) with about 1200 lbs of epsom salts.  You can wear a swimsuit or your birthday suit as the rooms all lock. The giant, egg-like pods can be left open for those who prefer, and have ambient lighting (your choice of color) or can be dark.  Typically they play spa music for about ten minutes, the pod then goes silent until the final five minutes to alert you that your time is ending.

spacious and delightful….


I personally have tinnitus and was apprehensive about the total silence, so I opted to have the music the entire hour.  I also kept a soft blue light on (as shown in the photo). You can even take your own playlist to plug into the speaker.  Himself has decided post-float that he will bring ocean sounds with him next time.  I think that sounds lovely.

To properly report to you all with photos, I chose to wear a swimsuit.  I stepped into the pod and spent a moment or two just centering myself for the experience. Some quiet intentions of where I wanted to be mentally and emotionally as I started the float seemed like a good idea.






My first few moments, I hesitated.  Would I actually float effortlessly?  Delighted to learn I would, I concentrated on relaxing all my muscles.  As I did, I kept thinking “this is nice, but there is no possible way I will be able to relax thorou…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.” I was completely OUT.


When I awoke at the end of the hour, I felt very refreshed and rested.  This CAN mean a restless night for me, so that was an honest concern, but for now, I felt fabulous.



A final shower (this time with conditioner), and I dressed and went to the prep room to do my hair and makeup.

Fully supplied with towels, hair tools, and more…



Upon exiting, there is the oasis lounge, complete with an oxygen bar to treat yourself to a final boost for the day.  Choose your “flavor” from energizing to calming and spend an extra few moments with tea, journaling, and some needed down time.


The oxygen bar and a cup of warm tea.




The real test came as I went about my day and slept that night.  I definitely had a happy feeling for a few days after.  My joints, often bothered during this lousy winter weather, felt eased.  My sleep that night was delightful.  I had vivid dreams that brought me peace (this is an oft-reported side effect), and was energized for several days.




Overall Takeaways

This is a part of self-care that I am totally on board with.  I’ve gone twice now and experienced similar benefits each time.  I can best describe it as feeling simultaneously weightless, but also never more grounded.

You have options, swimsuit or none, lid opened or closed, lighting and sounds are also customizable.  If you tend to run cold, mention that when you call and there are (at this location)rooms that are warmer as well.  And definitely speak to a physician with any questions about your particular circumstances before floating.

The BONUS!!!

Moxie Mama fans can get a float for $49!!!! A float is usually $79, so this is a great steal! Click on THIS LINK to book your appointment with True REST Wexford and make sure you tell them who sent you!!!

Get some REST,