This particular trend began last spring.  I toyed with it a bit, but wasn’t really sure it was for me or my clients.  The issue for many women is ensuring the “girls” will be in the right place when wearing a strapless bra.  I can’t describe how often I hear this and see women walk away in fashion defeat.

Fortunately, my friend Tara from Peach turned me on to this great strapless bra with a good fitting.  (For more on their service and why proper bra fit is important, watch the Whiney Winey Wednesday installment with Tara as my special guest HERE) .  This bra has changed my mind about strapless–it is comfortable and practical.  Contact Tara HERE for details. 

JUST IN TIME, too!!!  This spring and summer are FULL of the OTS trend!  W by Worth has some of my favorite OTS tops for the season.  Follow my Instagram to see another one for Cinco de Mayo weekend, but today I want to show you this one:

I LOVE the blue and green of this top and the crisp menswear feel of it.  The cuffs can be flipped back for a faux French cuff, the elastic keep the top right in place, and the longer length gives you so many options depending on your mood.  You can see here I’ve done my favorite “half tuck” with white AG Jeans, but the length is also great totally untucked as on the right.  Though not shown, this top is also great tied at the waist with a pair of denim cutoffs for an outdoor concert!

As simple as this top is, it has a luxe feel and gorgeous tailoring.  I paired it with some great Stella and Dot pieces like this delicate blue stone bar and “vintage” porcelain coral (and the pink SUNNIES I wear every dang day). They have so many options that are perfect with the color scheme! My stylist Rachel can hook you up!  You’ll love her and her eye for accessorizing!


I added two powerful accessories to finish this look.  I am OBSESSED with the wedge espadrille for spring, and my very favorite bag!  Why is it  my favorite?  Because our family goes to the Delaware shore every summer and this bag has all our favorite beaches on it and it holds EVERYTHING.  Perfect for a shopping afternoon. Click the photos to find it (and many other great beach locations) on Spartina 449.


I’m taking PRE-ORDERS for this top NOW!  Browse the W by Worth Collection HERE or contact me directly to order with free shipping and a giveaway!







Photos by Julie Kahlbaugh at the Children’s Museum, Pittsburgh