Last week I was the featured stylist for a fashion show here in Pittsburgh.  Lots of running around and fixing accessories meant that I had to be comfortable while still presenting a stylish image.  I grabbed the very versatile W by Worth extended slit sweater.

This sweater is a perfect lightweight wool that lays like a dream against the body.  Part of my love for this piece is that it has just the right touch of sexy, but can still be worn in a way suitable for a more casual workplace.  I styled it here with white jeans (my go-to this spring), our adorable tassel scarf, and killer heels.  While I ran, I slipped on cute Steve Madden sneakers which would make this a great commuter or shopping look, too! (and yes, I AM channeling Angelina Jolie with my silly leg here!)


Because I love this piece so much and I am a FIRM believer in multiple ways to wear an item, I wanted a dressier option, maybe something for a date night with Himself, right?  (click photo to connect to the sweater details)

I grabbed some cute J Crew (OUTLET–woot woot!) patterned shorts for a pop of color, but also to show a bit of leg. (find similar by clicking HERE)

I added a bold statement necklace by Stella and Dot in white–the leather tassels really pop against the black–and their black lace cuff.  The necklace is on a HUGE sale right now, too!  Click the photos to purchase.







I loved the finished product of this combination.  The relative simplicity of this piece has a sophisticated sexiness that doesn’t seem out of place for a 40-something, and this could be an easy swap out (change out the white pants for the shorts) after work for that date night again!  (Photos by Julie Kahlbaugh)





Moxie Mama is also about my mad love affair with the city of Pittsburgh.  When I scout a cool location, I plan to provide a little backstory of these hidden gems to encourage our locals to explore lesser-known areas of our city.  This location is a perfect example!


Art Meets Function 

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary school on Pittsburgh’s north side was originally built in 1973 and the architecture was basically several hexagons connected with open decks under surrounding each.  Unfortunately, by the early 2000’s, these platform “porches” became nuisance zones with people gathering after school hours.

The Pittsburgh Public Schools commissioned r3a, an architectural firm, to design something to secure these decks that was kid friendly.  In 2008, they installed the gorgeous metal sliders you see in the images.  These sliders depict children playing on some panels as well as celestial images on others.  At night, they are illuminated with LED lights for a spectacular and innovative art installation.  I strongly recommend taking a day to visit this unique and special piece of Pittsburgh’s art and architecture. In the meantime, click HERE to see the nighttime images by local photographer, Ed Massey.



UPDATE:  Thank you to Jennifer for sharing this in my comments.  I love hearing these extra details.

Little tidbit for you: a grassroots organization called Mission from Mars feeds 150 Pgh homeless in this exact spot every Sunday afternoon.