Did you think the birthday celebrations ended with Jubilee?  Heck no, but this one is different.




When I started this three years ago, I was TERRIFIED!  Putting myself out there was scary.  To be honest, I still smile when I know someone has visited, read, commented and shared because I never know how this all will be received.

An idea I kicked around for about 5 years, many of you know that it was a random conversation with TV producer and personality Riaz Patel that finally prompted me to listen to Himself, my friends (especially Katherine Keller), and honestly myself.

With fear and trepidation I hit publish on that first post and waited…

In the three years since, I have pushed myself learn, grow, and try new things.  I have learned a bravery I didn’t know I had.

After a huge loss in 2018, I reflected on so many things in my life–primarily how short life can be–and realized I had created an actual SYSTEM that fueled my confidence, curiosity, and courage and turned it into a coaching program for others. Meant for Moxie is helping women find their inner badass again!

I said YES to many opportunities, but also learned to say NO and hold boundaries on the really important stuff.  The doors opened and opening are astounding!

My third year also marked the beginning of the podcast, Meant for Moxie. This companion is a passion project for me: conversations with everyday people who are thriving in unique ways, often in the aftermath of trauma and conflict. We can learn so much from really listening to people’s stories, and you guys tell me you are enjoying the chats.

Meant for Moxie Confidence Coaching
The podcast!

To celebrate the third anniversary of Moxie Mama and the year of 2020 vision, I am offering a HUGE special on Meant for Moxie coaching.  This 12-week gram is designed to improve your confidence, give some direction on what’s next for YOU in midlife, create personal branding that represents who you are, and leave you with MOXIE! For the next week, I am offering a discount of 50%, so act fast to begin the journey to a more confident YOU!

Mostly, I want to thank you for every comment, text, and email you’ve sent.  I am honored to be a part of your life and this crazy midlife/sandwich generation thing.  From fashion to menopause, raising teens to aging parents, I look forward to the next year of the #moxiesquad and all that it has to bring us all!

Take advantage of Moxie Mama's birthday to launch a new YOU

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BONUS:  Here’s a fun project I just did with John Craig Media.  This micro-documentary tells you all you need to know about Moxie Mama. 😉