About a year ago, a friend said to me, “You know, I think you should start a podcast.”

Um, what?  I’m still figuring out this whole blog thing, failing at time management pretty much all the time, creating a confidence coaching program, and have ZERO idea how to do it.  So of course, my dear husband, Himself, who incredibly supports my business bought me podcasting equipment and TODAY IS THE DAY!

CHEERS to a new project!

Meant for Moxie features conversations with the many men and women I’ve met who have inspired ME to simply GO FOR IT!  Starting my own business was scary, but I’ve been blessed by people who gave me the courage to find my own moxie, whether they knew it or not. As I move forward, I will talk to folks who have overcome great obstacles, grown as entrepreneurs, and much more.

What exactly does that MEAN, Sam?

Well, I am collecting “everyday” people and telling the stories of the extraordinary things they do and how they came to do them.  Who are their mentors?  How did they overcome self doubt?  Where did the passion come from?

Who are these EVERYDAY people?

While I cannot disclose upcoming guests, my definition of “everyday” varies.  My point sort of is that we ALL are everyday people with extraordinary stories.

That said, I started with a total badass named Gemma Hoskins.  Gemma was featured in the Netflix docuseries, “The Keepers” as an amateur sleuth who started digging into the cold case murder of her beloved teacher, Sister Cathy Cesnik, in 1969.  Gemma and classmate Abbie Schaub uncovered major conspiracies within the Archdiocese of Baltimore, system priest (and police) abuse, and decades of cover up.  My interview with Gemma is in two parts…the first is how she came to this incredible second career as detective and podcaster, the next installment will discuss the latest in the case.

Where can I listen to Meant for Moxie?

I am SO glad you asked!  I will be posting new episodes here, on the blog, but I’m currently on Buzzsprout as I wait for approvals from more traditional platforms like iTunes and Spotify.  If you are subscribed to Moxie Mama, you will get all the updates, or you may subscribe on Buzzsprout.

For now, please join me on this new venture and take a listen below!

Special thanks to Katherine Keller for kicking my butt, Shane Waters of “Out of the Shadows” for teaching me to navigate the tech side of podcast production, my son Tbone for producing!

Photo above by Julie Kahlbaugh.

Music on the podcast generously made available by Abhisht Music and is available on iTunes.

Mostly, I want to thank Himself for ALWAYS believing in me, even when I don’t.  I love you.

The podcast!