Meeting badass amateur detective, Gemma Hoskins. And Teddy. You'll hear him in the podcast. 😉

Last week, I launched my latest venture, the Meant for Moxie Podcast! Thanks to everyone who has written and called sharing your experience and enthusiasm!

I kicked us off with Gemma Hoskins of the Netflix docuseries, “The Keepers.”  Gemma is one of the grassroots investigators who has searched for answers for years. She is true testament to following your passion.  She shared in episode 1 how she came to this second wave “career,” both the blessings and challenges of it.

I am a HUGE true crime buff. I went way down the rabbit hole of this unsolved/cold case, the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik. I joined a facebook page for the docuseries which is how I ultimately connected with Gemma in real life.  The Netflix series depicts systemic sexual abuse by clergy and police in Baltimore in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Sister Cathy, a beloved teacher in Archbishop Keogh High School, was told of the abuse by several students. All who knew her believe she lost her life because she reported it.

Sister Cathy went missing 50 years ago last week and we still don’t know who killed her.  Take a listen to part two of my interview with Gemma Hoskins for the latest in the continuing investigation.  And don’t forget to follow her and Shane Waters on their podcast, Out of the Shadows.

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