Moxie Mama, even in fashion features, will showcase cool things to do.  Because I live in Pittsburgh, they will mostly happen here, but I hope to lead some readers to some new spaces and places, to get us out of our usual geographic bubbles and explore.

When I was 16, I took a trip to NYC for my birthday.  My first time traveling without my parents (ok, so I was visiting my brother but it IS different), shopping, a show, and perhaps my first glass of wine all happened on that trip.  It wasn’t my first visit there, but it was the first time I got to decide how to spend my time in this incredible place.

My sister in law AHM took me to THE store of 1986–Fiorucci (apparently coming back later this year). This flagship store was a favorite of Andy Warhol and where he launched Interview Magazine. It was also my absolute favorite.  The fashion there was unlike anything we had in Pittsburgh, so I spent my entire travel shopping budget there.  We left the store.  Shortly after, we were joined by AM’s sister who had followed our path.  She advised us that Andy Warhol had arrived at Fiorucci mere minutes after we left.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So there’s my almost brush with the great artist and zero claim to my own 15 minutes.

I’ve always loved Andy Warhol.  His art spans genre, media, and he found beauty in literally everything he saw.  He was urban iconic and changed the world.  To be honest, the BLOGiverse should thank this creative mind as we all are probably seeking our 15 minutes of fame–his concept.


Why did this cutting-edge museum land in Pittsburgh? Warhol grew up here.  The Warhol Museum houses his early pen&paper Pixies to Campbell’s soup to iconic Pop Art images.

The Warhol always features an additional exhibit on its second floor.  Typically someone connected to the artist (there was an incredible Halston design collection there a few years ago), most recently was Firelei Baez.  This (very!) young artist uses stunning color and imagery to tackle concepts of race and gender.









Not your Typical Office Space

I’m going to let you in on a secret:  while researching and photographing for this piece, I discovered it’s a fabulous space to write and work in also.  The Warhol has a fabulous Cafe on street level that is open to the public.  The silver-painted brick walls and industrial decor have a great loft vibe.  Free wifi, delicious coffee (I believe Prima Espresso…don’t quote me on that), leather sofas and high top tables make this a great offsite office for me. When I need a break, I head upstairs for inspiration.  







Perhaps my favorite spot on the cafe level is the iconic Warhol sofa from his Factory days.  A replica sits in the lobby waiting for tourist, locals, even CELEBS (yes, Jay-Z, we see you) to enjoy their own sofa selfie.


Moto-Chic Styling 

To honor the artist, the pieces I styled for this shoot are a mix of classic, every day, and completely casual.  I felt that this combination was *almost* absurd but works.  Without realizing it, I selected a look that would make Fiorucci proud!

My Worth New York leather culottes are hard core and I love them.  If I could recommend a single luxury indulgence to invest in, it actually would be leather culottes.  Why, you ask?  The cut of these lends itself as easily to a cocktail party (looks like a skirt) as it does a cashmere turtleneck and boots for work.  I find myself grabbing these frequently and they are a great building block.  [Even fellow blogger and friend Tracy Travaglio at A Trace of Cool would agree! (psst…she’s edgy and quirky and fun and you’ll love her)]

  In homage to the city I love so much, I added the PERFECT graphic tee from a favorite store here, House 15143.  Owner Kristin is an old friend of mine and they have EVERYTHING.




Killer heels like these are showcased with the shorter hemline of the culottes.  Honestly comfortable for a heel this high, people stop me to ask about these shoes.  The buttery suede means there’s no pinching to make you feel less than confident.



My Great-grandmothers vintage 5-strand pearl choker and an edgy black cuff from Stella and Dot create some cohesive chaos too.  Finished off for a night on the town with a crystal-covered clutch from Tory Burch.






Overall, I’m loving the balance of edge and elegance.








I feel classy and sassy in a look like this. The confidence and (dare I say it) MOXIE makes me feel like just a bit of a bada$$.  Like I could maybe break a couple rules.  Like I may get my own 15 minutes. 😉