You know what’s great about video?  I have so much less to write!

A few weeks ago, I spent a morning at the MAC Cosmetics counter at my local Nordstrom.  One of my BFF’s is the BEST makeup artist I’ve ever worked with.  She nails the color palate and level of POP for any occasion (this is high praise from someone who worked in the industry.  I do not always love the result when someone else does my makeup). Here is a photo of an earlier look from last summer. I didn’t want to wash my face at the end of the night. (That’s Jen on the right.  Isn’t she adorable?)


I arrived at MAC with some early spring allergies after a sleepless night.  AWESOME! Truly, 47 sorta sucks that way.  I was fortunate enough to avoid bad eye issues until my birthday this year.  JP taught me some tricks for concealing the damage to start our morning. Also, I will be investigating products that WORK as I move forward). Here’s how it all started…(click the YouTube icons throughout)

 and then part two of concealing your eye circles without looking like a white raccoon

For anyone REALLY paying attention, I realize I promised images of the proper brushes.  HOWEVER, that’s actually like a lesson in itself, so I’ll have Jen on Whiny Winey Wednesday for that soon!

JP opted to try something new on me– a very bold brow.  At this point, I was not entirely convinced because I had no color on my face. I trust her completely, but could not resist cracking some jokes about needing my cigar and mustache too. 😉  I NEVER leave my house without at least filling in my brows.  Sparse brows leave the eyes looking very tired and an intentional brow leaves you looking more rested and bright than even mascara (an item many women claim they won’t leave home without).  


Then we moved to color.  Jen used the latest color palate for eyes on me. The palate is Eye Shadow X9: Solar Glow Times Nine.  The individual shadow is called Mythology and Jen used Plum Dandy frost lipstick on my lips.

According to the experts at MAC, the latest trend for spring is barely-there makeup that uses soft colors to simply highlight the skin and bring out your own natural radiance.  After years of over-the-top Kardashian eyes, this is a nice change and one I’m ready to embrace.

Here’s the tutorial on the color: 

I love the finished product!  Soft colors that provide some shimmer without overwhelming the face. Thanks to JP, CJ, Travis and MAC-Nordstrom for a fabulous morning!