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If I had the enneagram when I was college aged, I can only imagine how different my life would be.  So many difficulties I faced in my 20’s with career are easily understood now that I know the strengths and challenges of my particular type–the 7.  Sevens seek freedom, are full of ideas, and love a dare.  Our minds are conjuring possibility constantly, we are social, and we bore easily.

One of the worst things a seven could possibly hear in the workplace when sharing an exciting idea they’ve had is “that’s not the way we have always done it here.” Upon first discovering the enneagram, I found Enneagram and Coffee on Instagram and she shared a list of jobs you should never have and careers you should consider if you are a 7…

text list of careers for the enneagram 7 as suggested by enneagram and coffee
Notice anything about the list???

After laughing hysterically, and grieving the years in banking sitting in a cubical staring at a computer all day, I considered my career path and how I eventually managed to get to that “try this” list.

At 17, my plan was to go into television and eventually create a show for teens (my peer group at the time).  I would empower in an entertaining and educational way.  It would include fashion, celebrities, and important topics like health, career, even social issues.  I shadowed someone in the media, did some research and consulted mentors and advisors. My grades were not exceptional and it was suggested there may be a discipline element missing that I’d need.  Crushed as I was, I pivoted and decided sales was my future.

The job market in Pittsburgh was BLEAK at graduation.  The roles I sought were not available as they were coveted with low turnover.  I took a job with a mortgage bank that nearly broke me.  I sat in a cubicle all day, processing papers and making phone calls. I worked with some of the most toxic people I have ever encountered.  I was admonished for my attire (winter Bermuda shorts with opaque tights, before you panic) and time spent in the restroom.  The idea that someone took time from HER job to stalk me at work was not the problem, my water intake apparently was.  The second job, also in banking, was better, but resulted in an internal transfer to a branch supervisory role to get me in front of people again.  It also is where I met a trainer from Hallmark Cards which led to a successful career in sales.

A pattern emerged relating to a need for variety, competition, autonomy, and social connection. Finding that perfect career was unfortunately quite delayed.  The need to have a job, not find a passion, held more power over my choices.

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Much better suited to entrepreneur life...

In 2017, I created Moxie Mama to be that thing I wanted at age 17, but my peer group and the media was now different.  While I still did not have knowledge of the enneagram, at least I had direction, an audience to serve, and the freedom to do it my way. The enneagram study has confirmed that I always knew my true north, but did not have the mentors with the vision I had, nor the courage to take the chance in my youth.

The enneagram is more than just deep inner work–it also clarified certain personalities that have more potential for challenge in the workplace with my type and how best to compromise and communicate.  For example, the enneagram one is very much about being right or wrong, rule following.  I suspect each time I heard “we don’t do it that way” it came from this place.  Conversely, when I have a five (the investigator) or an eight (the challenger) to push me to accountability/boldness/wisdom, I have a solid foundation for success.  None of this means we cannot work with certain types. Enneagram coaching fosters positive communication and team effort in the workplace, making empathy easier and capturing the strengths of each personality. As a leader, can you get your nines (the peacemakers) to use their voice and share their ideas?  Do you know how to use the “what if” and “worst case scenario” playing of the type six for your due diligence and risk assessments?

As a mom, I use it with my boys.  What if we empowered the next generation with this tool before they enter the workforce?  How could it propel them and us to our purpose, not just a job?

What Could Typing Mean to You?

How to Leverage the Enneagram for the Workplace

Are you considering a change?  Is there a personality challenge on your team? Do you wonder if there was something different meant for you? If you answered yes to any of those questions, or are just generally curious about the enneagram and coaching, I’d love to share what I do, no strings attached.

My goal is to be the mentor, coach, or virtual push you never had on YOUR terms.  Each client receives customized coaching, starting with the enneagram.

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