I shared my favorite deal and steal (yet uber fashionable) pea coat last week (check it HERE if you missed it). One of the questions I got after the post went up was “but do you wear that coat much?”  Um, yes.  Literally ALL THE TIME.

I even did a search for the coat and it is for sale (for more than I paid, thank-you-very-much) on eBay with a seller’s comment of “worn once for a special occasion.”

Ok people WHY?!?!?!

If you never listen to anything else I ever tell you (which I sure hope isn’t the case because I love everyone following along), DO THIS ONE THING FOR YOUR CLOSET:

Buy statement coats.  Buy good ones.  Be willing to spend a bit more on super dramatic and amazing coats.

I love a bargain.  I have lots of inexpensive items in my closet that I mash up with some of the most gorgeous luxury pieces you can imagine.  But a luxe statement coat is an ESSENTIAL.

Leopard, though neutral, makes a statement every time you wear it. Link to buy in the photo.

The crystals make this simple coat stand out in a crowd.

The Reasoning

Women tend to look at something that stands out TOO much as wasteful.  It’s like the stunning sequined cocktail dress where we say “everyone will remember the last time I wore it.  It’s so OBVIOUS”

For a dress or a really unique piece of anything, that IS a concern.  But don’t we always have the same coat for a whole season at least?  NO ONE says “OH Suzy wore that coat the LAST time she left the house.  How tacky!  Doesn’t she have anything else?” This is precisely WHY we should make our outerwear as interesting and creative as possible!



Still don’t believe me?  I’m going to show you some justifications and styling options to sell you on why you need a really cool statement coat for every season.

Dramatic but cozy underneath. The coat does ALL the work here.

Even with Jeans and sneakers this works!

If you all remember a fall post about the SWOBE (check it HERE), I mentioned that the beauty of the swobe was that you could throw it over ANYTHING (Including PJ’s for carpool) and look put together.  The statement coat maybe can’t go as deep as pajama camouflage, but it certainly affords the opportunity to WAY elevate an otherwise super casual look.

In both looks shown here, I have simple jeans and a black turtleneck on under the coat.  I threw heels on with the leopard, which is a bit dressier, but you can see on the right that sneakers work just as well with what is a “dressy” coat on a fun day.

How about spring?  I’ve taken a gorgeous statement coat from the Carlisle Collection for spring and styled it for a date night AND Sunday brunch.  Take a look:


The same very dressy coat works just as well for a weekend brunch and city shopping.

Date night or night with the girls–theater anyone? Coat linked in the photo.

Now, knowing that there are so many ways to wear (hey, this could be your go-to coat for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding too!  You’re welcome, BTW), it justifies the investment in a really unique statement piece.


Here’s the question–can you tell what the trick is to working this piece once you have it home?


In both looks, I stuck with a CAPSULE to finish it off.  In each styling, there is a nude, a pink sequin (for an alternate texture and light), and a pop of blue.  Also means that the EXTRAS in this capsule can be moved to make different looks.  (This is the value of working with a stylist.  We do this work for you).  Put this coat over a white sheath dress and you have a work outfit as well.  When you approach a coat this way, your dollar spent per wear drops and drops.

Another key to the statement coat is to ensure it isn’t TOO HEAVY.  This is not your sub-zero wear.  You want enough room for 1-2 layers (lighter for 2), but still figure flattering.  A great scarf, fun hat, and gloves will make any of these warm enough for the colder (not coldest) days.  The goal is a look that makes these coats work like a blazer.  It’s outerwear but can also be kept on as a true showpiece.

I’m showcasing a few other looks below that I love for fun statement coats.  Need more help?  Send me a comment and let’s discuss!



FLOOD coat from Carlisle. I can think of about 100 ways to style this for almost every season…click photo for details.



Coveting this patchwork topper from Zara. Super versatile.










Boho duster from Zara is a bit sheer but also says wear me for all the music festivals!

Another head-turner from Zara. LOVE this vibe and it would be gorgeous over a cocktail dress.




leopard is ready for cocktails with just a small change like a jeweled clutch and LBD