Sorry, I just couldn’t resist a pun for this post.

I love those pieces in my closet that are crazy versatile, but often they can get a little…stale looking.  That staple and go-to piece can sometimes feel over used if it is too basic.

The piece I go to ALL THE TIME and add each fall and spring is the SWOBE.  Allow me to introduce you…

Silly, I get it.  Here’s the quick story: Himself noticed my habit of grabbing duster sweaters in lieu of a robe in the mornings.  He *may* have busted me driving our boys to school that way once (ok five times.  I have no shame.) and a new word was born. Most of my friends have adopted the word and I invite YOU to as well.

SOOOOO it’s pretty obvious why I would need a great swobe each season if it’s the thing I wear literally every day.  I want something fun, stylish, and most critically–quality!

As much as I joke about the casual nature of this particular article of clothing, the duster sweater/coat is a very KEY staple in any woman’s closet.  Done right, the duster is your workweek business topper and your weekend go-to.


I grabbed a kilt pin (I keep many of these on hand as an easy fastener. Click the photo to link to a really cool one) to tack it shut in cooler temperatures. 

Cool fringe takes this from ordinary sweater to extraordinary staple. Click the photo for details and to purchase.


I took “Drama” for a spin with some really unique pants and booties for the styling.  “Narrative” are super-flattering pants that are great dressed down or up.  With the ease of the sweater, this is a fantastic Friday outfit for the workplace.  You will NOT be more comfortable than in these pants–ponte foundation feels like cozy leggings while the slight shimmer of the silvery front panel dresses them up to be seen!

A little funky edge to Narrative. The panel down the front is very flattering. Click the pic for details.

Not sure how versatile it is?  Check these polyvores below…

Running to the local coffee shop and market? Put Drama over a graphic tee and jeans with Carlisle’s fur pom-pom hat (called Jaunty–how cute?) on a Saturday. Click photo for hat details        

Put Drama with the Legend leather skirt, a pop of blush in the top and floral booties and you’re ready for work in style! Skirt linked in photo.












The swobe is truly the most important piece in my closet.  So why not let it be a piece with drama?



What’s YOUR favorite wardrobe essential?