I have been struggling to write.  Overwhelmed by back to school, changing jobs, a kid with multiple injuries, and all the stories we hear about shootings, wildfires, and hurricanes has been taking a serious toll on my mojo.  It should be the perfect time to keep talking about setting our boundaries, right? (For more, check out the last installment of the series HERE )

Not even the chance to dig into that series was motivating.  To find some inspiration, my amazing photographer (Julie Kahlbaugh) and I took some photos.  I am loving the new luxury designer I’m working with (Carlisle Collection) and we hit the streets.

One small problem–when the photos came back, they were a little moody.  Maybe PROBLEM is too big a word, but it revealed visually what’s been going on and why I was having a hard time writing about fashion and fun.

SOOOO Moody (click the photo for GOSSIP sweater details)

Typical mom stuff, as we can all agree, can get overwhelming. Add to that my son having more sports injuries than I care to outline–total helplessness when you just cannot make it better, right?  Then, these photos were taken just days after the mass shooting in Las Vegas and social media turned into a place of darkness and anger.

My point is, these things take a toll.  I didn’t realize WHY I was honestly kind of grey, struggling and I  felt like sharing style pics and things to do was shallow. I did not, however, want to write anything too angry or sad because I want Moxie Mama to be real but not a downer.  You see my conflict. I sat on the photos for days.

Back to our regularly scheduled program….

The best way I’ve learned to shake it off is to do something positive and FUN.  Fortunately, the universe delivered this week with National Handbag day.  Embracing the silliness of an obviously made-up holiday made me laugh and feel good about bringing some smiles back to myself and those around me.  I posted to Instagram about my new favorite holiday and that community embraced an opportunity to shut out the noise of politics, wildfires, etc. We all needed to get back to something light.

Celebrating National Handbag day with a favorite. Click the photo to grab a really similar one (also Elizabeth and James) for yourself!



More details on this look please!

As I mentioned, I am obsessing over everything at Carlisle Collection.  I know when I first was introduced to the line, I thought it was super formal, but I am having the best time mixing their gorgeous designs with everyday pieces, as well as keeping the looks purely Carlisle.  This grey funnel neck sweater, called GOSSIP, is a piece I’m reaching for so often.  It’s a little shrunken in the sleeves and length, but has a very comfortable style without being sloppy.




Love these comfy, destroyed jeans. To purchase, click the photo and be redirected to AE.com #notsponsored



For the shoot, I paired it with my all-time favorite destroyed boyfriend jeans from American Eagle (yes, grown women CAN shop there too).  The key to wearing jeans like this over age 30 is to keep the rest of your look simple and more tailored. I’ve had more people stop and ask about these TOMGIRL jeans than any I’ve ever owned.







But let’s be honest, nobody wants an item that’s a one-trick pony!  I recently joined POLYVORE (click HERE to follow me on the platform.  It’s ridiculously fun! (I will be making LOTS of outfit templates there).  I played with a work-friendly/date-friendly look using the same sweater AND Carlisle’s STUNNING AND COMFORTABLE stretch-leather skirt.

Gossip with Legend…fully accessorized. This stretchy leather skirt is seriously MAGICAL. It is so luxe, but feels (quite literally) like YOGA PANTS. Click the photo to redirect to the skirt details.

So there you have it–I’m back.  All it took was a handbag and one grey sweater to make my skies blue again!

xoxo as always,