Have you watched “Social Dilemma” on Netflix yet?  I, honestly, was avoiding it.  My entire business model is based in social media and engagement, so watching a documentary intended to scare the shit out of every social media user held NO interest for me. Even with everyone starting to talk about it, I avoided it.  I spent a week tapping away on posts, clicking every triggering news piece I spotted.

I finally watched it. And my jaw dropped.

While I am pretty savvy on things marketing, sales, and social media, I didn’t expect so many upsetting factoids.

Things like “only two industries refer to their customers as ‘users’: illegal drugs and software.”

Or the human beings are now a futures commodity.

Or the quote on the right there >——>

Having thoughts we didn't intend to have...YIKES

The A-HA moment I had was that I can DIRECTLY equate my level of procrastination, dissatisfaction, and imposter syndrome to stuff showing up on my social media feeds!  In this pandemic/election year, I’m finding myself even triggered by the people I love and cherish the MOST from my feed.

No accident it’s called a FEED either.  I really started thinking about what I want to FEED myself with–is it manipulated news, fear, controversy?  Or do I want to enrich myself with knowledge, joy, and real connection.  How do we do that?

WE have to give out what we hope to receive.  We have to keep a hard boundary on what sneaks into our view.  I’m taking Facebook off my phone, deleted twitter entirely, and have timers on overall phone use.  I SEE THE IRONY.

Social media is a drug.–the Social Dilemma

We need a detox.

It affects our mood, our cravings, our connections, and our actions.  Like food, what we post into us matters.  Most of you reading this have kids, too.  Model the change. Proceed with caution and get outside. 😉

I was influenced to watch after my friend and leadership speaker, Ryan Estis, wrote about his takeaways from the film  He also wrote that he uses an app called Moment to track his relationship with his smart phone.

It led me to request a podcast interview with him (linked or on Spotify) 

Ryan and I dug into much more than Social Dilemma, but you can catch his podcast episode here.

Moment App is a great way to track our screen time.  Want to join me “in the Moment?”  Click HERE to join my accountability group in the app!