Since a big chunk of Moxie Mama is parenting, but specifically the BOY MOM arena, I felt I should speak about this really important, after-school special moment.

The internet is currently filled with he said/she said, comments about ruining someone’s life over an event from high school, and worse. I am not going to engage with all the politics, but it definitely got me thinking about WHY she may not have come forward at the time.

The media in the early 1980’s was filled with raunchy coming-of-age films (which I loved, don’t get me wrong). We snuck into many of these movies, laughed our a$$es off, and fell madly in love with the couples at their core.

Now that I’m a mom of teenagers and revisiting many of those 1980’s classics, I’ve also noticed some glaring opportunities to educate. Fortunately, I have a very enlightened husband who agrees and insists on these discussions.

While it is important to teach young women how to protect themselves, it is FAR MORE IMPORTANT to raise our young men with a very clear understanding of what consent means. If there is alcohol present, drugs have been used, her body posture changes–all the cues that can make it clear. And if it still is not THEY NEED TO ASK.

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