I don’t know about you, but I feel like Christmas 2020 is going to be ALL OUT!  I am so ready for my tree and lights and shopping. And while we cannot have the huge gatherings we have in the past, we should really all celebrate surviving this year.  2020 is definitely NOT the year to be a Scrooge, but find a way to treat yourself and your loved ones.

That’s why I am so excited to partner with Allison Glen, a local boutique that provides joy in their store and has some of the best gifts you can imagine. I have always done a TON of my shopping here and love introducing them to YOU!

Don't let 2020 make you a Scrooge!!
Proof that they're even wearing masks at the North Pole this year 😉

Holiday shopping has definitely changed this year.  Wearing masks feels like a chore.  Many worry about the crowds.  But Allison Glen has been sooooo thoughtful about the whole experience. From private shopping appointments to frequent store cleanings and hand sanitizer outposts, this is the holiday shopping experience I have always dreamed of.

Wash your hands!

One of the featured product lines at Allison Glen is Vietri.  Vietri has dinnerware, holiday items–pretty much everything you need to gather loved ones for shared holidays.  This beautiful company has responded to the unique challenges of 2020 for their fans and stores which sell their products.

Typically the founder, Susan Gravely, and the company artisans would be traveling the country doing signings and events.  With the difficulties of this particular year, they wanted to bring their brand of joy in a safe way.

Without Susan’s presence at Allison Glen, Vietri wanted to offer a way to personalize their special pieces as they have always done.  When you contact Allison Glen to purchase a Vietri piece, they can arrange to have it personalized for you–adding a special touch to the holidays.

Susan signed my Lastra Holiday platter with such a beautiful message!


***if you’re shopping online, use code CYBERWEEKEND for 20% off your purchase of $150+
Visit the store or call them at 724-933-8850 to arrange your personalized items!

The card is the translation of her message.

Another promotion is just the neatest way to connect this holiday.  They have a FUN DIY kit.  Why is this so perfect for 2020?  So many people adopted or re-visited holidays this year!  I love the idea of painting your own gift!

How does this work?  When you purchase the DIY kit, you will be directed to a video with the “Stefanos,” the italian artists behind Lastra, who will lead you through painting their joyful trees (and tiny cardinal, the Vietri symbol of visits from loved ones), to create your own special memory.

The kit comes with everything you need from the paints, brushes, and unfishined bisque plate, to a finished mug for your coffee and best practices to get it glazed locally.

I love this as a gift for myself as well as others.

In a year where we cannot celebrate together in the ways we truly want to, Allison Glen and Vietri have curated fabulous ways to stay connected.

Keep your eyes on my social media and back here on the blog for more behind-the-scenes at Allison Glen as well as another GREAT Vietri feature coming SOON!

*all photos by Julie Kahlbaugh of JK Fotohaus

Old St Nick from Vietri is so festive!
Vietri glass ware is elegant for holiday and every special occasion (and looks perfect with Julie Vos on your arm, too--also available at Allison Glen)
Santa definitely wants his cookies and cocoa on vietri!
Beautiful children's books make for a fun treat with littles.

Season's Greetings from Moxie Mama, Allison Glen and Vietri!

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