In the 1970’s, the fashion world tried to provide a quasi-casual solution to work attire.  The “leisure suit” was a delightful polyester blend, typically with a mega-wide collar, ginormous bell-bottom pants, and it was HIDEOUS.




So a couple years ago, when the industry touted this trend of “athleisure,” any of us remembering that era broke out into a full sweat thinking this was the intention.




What it is NOT

Athleisure is NOT pulling out sweatpants and a tee.  It is not simply throwing on an Adidas track suit. Now let me be very clear–I grab sweats for the morning carpool almost every day.  If I’m not going anywhere, they are the softest and best clothes I can wear around my house.  I do wear sweats.  But frankly, not if I’m going to see people. 


Athleisure is NOT your favorite sports team’s tee shirt or jersey, though there ARE ways to style these items to elevate the style.

It is also not wearing your actual gym clothes that you exercised in all day long.  Ok don’t freak.  Also in my true confessions is the reality that often if I do morning pilates or yoga, I don’t get my shower until late afternoon.  This is the life of a mom. I will be doing a whole blog post soon, however, on the CUTEST exercise clothes to keep it cute at the gym (if that’s your jam).


What IS Athleisure?

Athleisure is taking the basic concepts of athletic wear–a track pant, joggers, etc–then elevating that style to fit the trend.

As I said, this scared me because of the old leisure suit thing.  I started small with a few pairs of jogger pants a couple seasons ago.  They are a GREAT alternative to jeans and can be dressed up really easily.

To ensure that you look polished and age-appropriate, make sure you are not cutting corners on these items.  While you don’t have to break the bank, this is a time to ensure you select quality pieces from brands you know. You want good seaming, better fabrics to ensure the best drape on your body, and a good fit–beware going too oversized as it just looks like you’re hiding something.

My affinity for the trend grew–with a busy lifestyle where I am (like today) going from a track meet to a charity event, those joggers get a workout with a quick change of shoes.  Check the styling below of the same pair of Carlisle Collection joggers–day to dinner.

Wedge sneakers and a sweatshirt with crocheted sleeves added to the joggers take this RIDICULOUSLY comfortable look into the style arena. Click the photo to grab the top from Stella and Dot!




While these Carlisle pants FEEL like the coolest pajama bottoms, the stripe detail pumps them up for so many occasions.  The slight wedge heel on the sneakers turns them into a comfortable but stylish alternative.  This styling is super for doing daily errands and activities. (Admittedly, this top wouldn’t go to an outdoor sporting event, but I would totally wear this to our indoor volleyball games after a day of running).


I’m living in these LInea Paolo wedge sneaks from Nordstrom. I’ve linked them in the photo.




Now take this same look and swap out a couple quick accessories for an evening event.


Black pumps and a jeweled clutch and this same outfit can straight to a happy hour event or date night!

The Jock

If you know me IRL, I am sure you’re laughing your ass off right now…a jock I am NOT.  But this particular version of atheisure wear has the traditional striped track pant for it’s base.  Here I paired it with a fun cropped sweatshirt and white tee with laced-up detail.

3d “just do it” detail on this crop is really unique. Click the photo for details.



the laces peeking out from the hem add a unique feature.









I really like this styling with the leather baseball hat that Himself gave me for Christmas. I found them on Amazon and linked it for you guys!

Hanging with my coffee on a bridge. Hat is linked in the photo. Totally adjustable.

I even like the new trend of track SKIRTS.  I got this one at a darling boutique called Moxie Cloth boutique (because of course I found that boutique) here in Pittsburgh.  It’s even black and gold and will be perfect for our high school sporting events and our Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins.  More to come soon on how to bump up your style in fanwear.

Midi length and side stripe are just perfect. I was dressed for senior night at volleyball and was able to take a meeting earlier in the day too!

Like the trend?  Still not sure?  Let me know in the comments! (and at the bottom, I’ve added some street style I found online for inspiration too!)