Without much to add, I thought the video and pics from the Oscars party (Lights! Glamour! Action!) here in Pittsburgh would make a fun recap….check it out!

Phase One–Beauty crew

Let’s start with a music video/montage of the incredible GLAM SQUAD making me look presentable! Jennifer Palermo of Makeup Virtuosos, Travis Klingler of Salon Blanca all filmed and edited by Nicholas Palermo!

From a teal disco eye to the fiery Grace Jones-Inspired faux hawk, these two had me completely decked out in no time!


Travis managed to take my very short bob into the coolest faux hawk!









Jennifer is an absolute magician!

Sorta looked like flames coming out of the back of my head!

Could I have done my own hair and makeup?  Probably….but when you have access to these two, why struggle to do something myself?









Ready to go!

Next up, we dressed, got a few pics taken, and had a driver take us (must be responsible on nights like this–safety first)!

like an actual disco ball!



Photo by Nicholas Palermo. All dressed up! And wait–It’s not a dress, it’s PANTS!!!!



I wore rose gold with pave–a combo of designer and fine jewelry. Fine jewelry courtesy of Diamond Design Jewelers of Wexford.

Himself borrowed T-bone’s Converse Comme de Garcon Play high tops for his red carpet best!








Scenes from the event

The Lights! Glamour! Action! event has the longest red carpet with “paparazzi” and interviews, VIP cabanas, and of course, the Oscars on the large screen!

Here’s just a collection of this great event…


It’s raining cotton candy!                       

Can’t. Stop. Eating.





We clean up ok…

some of the ladies rocking their looks

So fun to dress up!








The Aftermath

Cute shoes were NOT our friends….

When the hair comes out…










That is a LOT of Dead Soldiers.



I hope you enjoyed a little journey into getting red carpet ready, Pittsburgh style!