One of my besties just happens to also be the best makeup artist in Pittsburgh.  Am I biased?  You bet I am.  The truth is that I did a brief stint as a promotional makeup artist back in another life, so even though she’s in my circle of trust, I am also SUUUUUPER picky about who does my makeup (read: no one really does).

As I begin my preparation for the upcoming Oscars party here in Pittsburgh, I know I need to up the bar from last year. In 2017, I wore this crazy “out of the box” dress as I was launching Moxie Mama, but now I want to push my whole evening look a little further.

Fortunately, Jennifer decided to launch her own YouTube makeup tutorial channel last week as I was contemplating my direction.  She asked me to be a model for the smoky eye video and I jumped at the chance.

We had a terrible challenge getting it done as we are both ridiculous shenaniganziers.

Why is this always my silly face–mouth hanging open?

Jen, what did you say to me here?






Jennifer’s son is a fantastic photographer and (now) video producer also!  He tried to keep us on topic, which didn’t always go well.  He was not as amused as we were.

NP is extremely studied and professional. I’ve used his work before and you’ll see more of his talent in upcoming posts. Also happens to be one of T-bone’s best buddies.

Smoky, sultry, with lashes that KAPOW!




I LOVE the final result!  We may play with the colors a bit depending on the dress I choose, but I this is exactly what I’m going for!



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