For the past few years, I’ve struggled with my hair.  As a dyed redhead, color doesn’t hold very well.  Hormones have totally changed the quality of my hair as well–from thinning to dryness and everything in between.

Many women from their 30’s on experience these sorts of changes and it’s frustrating as hell.  Not only are our bodies showing the signs of aging, but our hair too?  Last year I even kept cutting my hair shorter and shorter in an attempt to cut off damage from dryness and heat on my hair.

In December, a friend introduced to a new company called Bioprogramming US.  Amy recently took a job with them and offered to do my hair for an event.  At the time my color was faded and I definitely needed a trim.

Amy explained that this technology, invented in Japan 28 years ago, uses quantum physics to actually IMPROVE the quality of your hair as you style it. It’s very cool information, but before I get into all this, let’s talk about changing the story about hair…

Your Hair is NOT Dead

Raise your hand if you are today years old learning this! Lead to believe that our hair is dead, imagine my delight to learn there is hope!

Because I labored under this assumption for years, I (rightly) feared using heat on my hair because of the IRREPARABLE damage it caused. I’ve seen my hair get fried by dryers, curling and flat irons since my mid 30’s

As Amy worked through my hair, she shared that our hair can be repaired by redistribution of oils, lipids, and moisture from the scalp through the shaft of the hair.  She actually ran the curling iron through my hair and I could actually see shine growing in my hair as she styled it.  This is the high-science, quantum physics part that blew my mind.

Day one–blowout

Day two held the blowout with NO tweaking…

Day three–flat iron waves

The Partnership

Shortly after trying these devices out, I connected with Bioprogramming US and received an invitation to be their very first non-industry influencer. I did not even pause before saying YES!!!  Amy had loaned me her pieces to me and my hair was already so improved I couldn’t wait!

My hair is not only in better condition, but it stays CLEANER longer because I’m using almost no product (I have a cowlick that does require a little spray).  This cuts down on washing which can also strip hair of oils they need. This is critical if you’ve got shifting hormones from again and unpredictable hair quality.

I’ll admit, these device are not inexpensive.  But I’ll also share that women STAND IN LINE in Japan (think the lines at the Apple store when the new iPhone comes out) when they drop a new model.  Many women are shelling out for the Dyson dryer which I’ve priced at $598 (and it sucks your hair in). That said, the money I’ve spent on vitamins, conditioners, and other treatments trying to repair my hair in the past ten years has been staggering….I couldn’t be happier with my hair these days!

The Details

Bioprogramming actually has very particular names for their products because of the technology.  I’m posting some definitions here.

Devices: they don’t say hair TOOLS because tools require work.  Smart devices simplify and IMPROVE your experience and this is most definitely smart technology at its best.

Repronizer: their answer to the hair dryer.  This is a heat device with two settings, but it provides a far better blowout than I have EVER had in less time.  Quieter than any dryer, the cool setting is an actual COLD SHOT to boost volume as well.

Hairbeauron: these are round (two barrel sizes) and a flat and will replace your curling irons and flat irons.  Honestly, use cool and just take them over the hair (think Marsha Brady brushing her hair 100 times) and your hair will smooth.

Amy will be featured on an upcoming Winey Wednesday to show these devices in Action.  In the meantime, feel free to do your research via the links below

And by clicking the photo here:

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Please ask any questions! Watch for answers on an upcoming Winey Wednesday…plus I’ll announce a special gift from ME for anyone who purchases!!