Our Summer Bucket list suffered a little this year–with the sports and college visits, there wasn’t a ton of time to dig in as we normally do here at Maison Moxie.

While I’ll have a super wrap-up coming soon of all our favorites, I want to feature a really special one, Go Ape.

If you are unfamiliar with Go Ape, it is a chain of challenging ropes courses and zip lines in parks across the country.  We are sooo lucky to have one of these almost in our back yard at North Park.  It’s been a super addition to our beloved county park over the past several years.

Armed and ready!

Our first trip to go ape was several years ago.  Kids under 16 need an adult to zip with them, so we took the boys and our niece.  Strapped in and trained, we had a BLAST challenging ourselves.  I had about two decades terrified of heights and this definitely tested me!

Earlier this month, we opted to take a day to check out of responsibility and just go.  It’s been a few years since our last outing, and this 48-year-old wasn’t sure how I’d hold up.  The course is physically challenging, but NOT to the point of excluding most.  There are LOTS of non-athletes enjoying the climb and ride.  I was pleased to be able to keep up with my well-trained sons!

Trone hanging loose as his alter-ego TAD the camp counselor. We all agreed the ladders at the beginning of each station were the hardest part.

Conman waits on a platform after a Tarzan swing.



Go Ape consists of rope ladder climbs at each station, platforms at each tree between challenges, and bridges and walkways in between.  Each station ends with a zip back down to the ground.



Some challenges are netting rope bridges, others planks to walk across.  Several stations have a challenge option (like the metal O rings you place your feet in to cross–that one is HARD).


Here are some examples of challenges:

swinging like Tarzan

T sassy-walking across the X-bridge.

Walking the plank.

The instructors have  a brief training before you start.  They adjust your harnesses and explain proper use of the carabiners, pullies, ropes and more.  This is really important information, but makes participants feel safe and confident in the process.  My experience is that the kids who participate pay great attention to the rules and enjoy the process of learning and challenge.  Even after three trips on Go Ape, I am glad for the lessons.


The management has a great sense of humor too!  They even made a little sign for us monkeys under one challenge.  I wrote over it so you can read what it says.  We were VERY high up!



Go Ape is fun and a great personal challenge!  We were proud that we completed each obstacle courageously! Our family HIGHLY recommends Go Ape!


This isn’t something the closes up like your summer pool, either!  There’s LOTS of time to enjoy this activity into the fall.  In fact, Go Ape has an end-of-summer promo code right now.  If you can’t go before September, make sure you check their site for special offers.



Thank you so much, Go Ape, for sponsoring my adventure with my boys! This was a fantastic bonding experience for us all and the perfect summer bucket list item!






my outfit by Peach and can be shopped HERE

some photos provided by Go Ape