Bells on Bobtail ring, making spirits bright, what fun it is to make some drinks to celebrate holiday nights…

I love to enjoy a cocktail by the tree or cheery fire at the holidays, AND I love to support local businesses, more than ever in 2020.  Imagine my delight to be introduced to Smart Spirits, a Pittsburgh-based countertop distillery system.

I personally don’t love a HUGE gift guide on my blog.  I do feature special items as I see them, but I like to keep things really authentic–what am I ACTUALLY BUYING for the holidays.  This is one of those times.

The Smart Spirits Starter Kit
A grain-neutral spirit on one side

Smart spirits is a single system that can create 30 unique flavors to mix endless cocktails. It starts with a grain-neutral spirits bottle, mixes (to your percentage of choice, up to 40%) with a flavor pod and some water, for pours to add to your favorite cocktail (or drink as is).

So why does this matter?  I mean, if you, like me, have specific taste preferences, why does having endless options matter?

Lots of flavor options to choose from.

Look, 2020 isn’t our typical year…we all know that.  Normally, we are able to share evenings and holidays with our friends and family.  We may have holiday celebrations and dinner parties back again soon.  Imagine not having to stock your bar with dozens of bottles of various rums or gins if you, yourself, are neither a rum nor gin drinker.  But when Suzy, your friend who just LOVES a rum and Coke stops by, you can make her favorite cocktail without storing that rum bottle for years. I know when we entertain, we typically load up on cocktail options and ultimately toss the partly-used bottles questioning shelf life.

Now you have an option to save on storage, save a shopping trip, save money (Smart spirits is about 75ç per pour!), and save WASTE.  The flavor pods are small and fully recyclable–you can feel good about environmental implications.

Sucker for tech toys?  This baby is really easy to use and comes with an APP!  Yes, you can select the alcohol content and trigger a pour from across the room!  But the best part is the app comes with a huge library of cocktail recipes to practice your mixology!

So Who is this Item Good For?

  • College kids turning 21
  • Boat owners
  • RV owners
  • Housewarming gifts
  • Apartment dwellers
  • People (like me) with a random desk in their kitchen that no one uses–HOME BAR
  • Someone who wants an office bar
  • Wet bar for your master suite
  • Salons who service quick cocktails to their patrons
  • Wine drinkers who never know what cocktails to have on hand for guests.
  • People stuck in Covid who are looking for a direct-to-door shopping option to resupply their bar.
  • People who love to experiment with new cocktails.
  • and the list goes on and on…

The very BEST part for YOU, the #moxiesquad, is that I am hosting a special promotion for Smart Spirits!  Use promo code MOXIE20 at checkout, and receive 20% off your entire order AND free shipping!

Fun mixology

HEY! I definitely need this item!!!!

Use code MOXIE20 at Checkout!

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And don’t forget to tag me in your photos and recipes with #MOXIEology




PS remember, 21 and over, friends.  And please, drink responsibly.

Want to include some festive drinkware in your personal stash or gifts?  I linked up some I found on Etsy (more shop small) as well as Amazon (speed, I get it) and you can find them HERE 

Jingle Juice stemless wine glass works double duty as a cocktail glass!