For those who’ve been following along on my socials, you’ve likely seen that I recently re-did a room in my house.  A mere EIGHTEEN YEARS after I painted our fourth bedroom the first time, I took on this project as a labor of love.

Sam I Am, 2000

When Himself and I were expecting our first child in the summer of 2000, we REALLY wanted a Dr. Seuss nursery for our future babies.  We are both super huge fans and had collected a few knick knacks “just in case.” Just coming out of horrendous morning sickness, my SIL and I painted the nursery walls with our favorite characters from the good doctor.

Gertrude McFuzz




Would you like them in a boat?

I speak for the trees!!!


Our boys ADORED the whimsical characters and were immersed in a land-and-sea world of Who’s and Fish.

In fact, the boys loved it so much that they really didn’t want it to ever go away.  Honestly, this Mama wasn’t sure she wanted to press the issue either.  So much love went into painting it, and I rocked my sweet boys, dried tears, and enjoyed hours of reading and snuggles in this dreamy place.




Interestingly, the new space was designed in my imagination about three years ago.  BUT because we all could not BEAR to paint over these walls, the room had become sort of a catch all for the things we didn’t use much.  I’d tried to use the space as an office but the mural was just too chaotic for me to be really productive.  Eventually, the boys relented and I got permission to paint.

A lot of people have asked me why that mattered–this was a truly treasured space and I while the boys were nostalgic, I wanted to be respectful of that.

This year, however, my main “word” was FRUITION because I’ve spent several years ruminating over all my epic ideas without the action they deserved.  There’s been a lack of FOCUS on my plans across the board and this ROOM became really symbolic of the clutter gumming up my mental works.  So it was time for a change.

Vision and my WHY

When working with clients, business coaches ALWAYS start by asking “what is your WHY” and typically follow up with asking for a very clear and precise vision of the goals.  Knowing my plans, I wanted a space that was a vision of those goals.  I wanted a space to inspire my own creativity that would also be a retreat from the pull of my other household obligations.  While I love writing on the sofa with a binge of netflix, and I can crank out tons of work in my dining room, the piles of laundry and dishes can also kill my vibe quickly.  I dreamed of a space filled with pink and feminine touches, surrounded by the artistry of fashion and inspirational iconography.  Clearing and defining this space prepares me mentally and emotionally for the focus I need to move onward and upward.

I started with a  base of PPG Paints “Hawaiian Shell” paint.  And yes, it actually matched my manicure the day I picked it up.  I wanted immersion in fashion and femininity so a giant pink closet was the mood at hand.  Small seating, a lovely mirror, current and vintage clothing are all part of the ladies’ lounge.  I replaced the wooden closet doors with a beaded pink curtain for a softer look. Much of the decor is simply using fashion pieces I already own and love.  Click the photos for many of the new additions.

Velvet chair from The chunky knit pouf is linked in the photo. (pearl reveal sequined pillow linked later)

This was the changing table in the nursery, accented now with family photos and more.






A small sampling of my shoe collection becomes a focal point. The summer straw hat “do not disturb” became wall art!


photo frames and sentiments from Target and Home Goods. Fresh flowers because why not?

A tiara (yes. for real) by the TV.  A “like a boss” nameplate.  Perhaps my fave find, the retro copper phone (linked by clicking the photo) adorn the dresser.


books on fashion and celebrity for light reading.

My personal collection of unique clutches and handbags showcase unique artistry, design, and even local flair!

Extra seating and storage in this shabby-chic toybox (which was mine AND my mother’s before that!) and some Pearl Reveal cushions. Click the photo for the pillows!

My re-envisioned wedding gown now hangs on display!

OF COURSE there’s Wonder Woman!

Easy-to-assemble garment rack with shelving is an industrial play off all the feminine touches of the space.




Useful but serene, this new space is where the magic will happen for Moxie Mama.  From reading for inspiration to styling clients even enjoying some quiet down time, my new space dubbed “rose all day” will be a wonderful retreat to bring my goals “to fruition.”