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  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Sam Ditka and seeing her dynamic public speaking, coaching and training. She exhibits a savvy fashion sense, while being cognizant of her clients lifestyles and what their ultimate goals are; short and long term.  What makes Sam's skill unique is her great attention to detail and care.  She has mastery in her field and a leader in leveraging business tools, coaching on social media and networking techniques in multiple platforms."

    Lori C, The Cronican Group (Capehart Photography)



    Women tend to lose sight of our moxie—years of sleepless babies, diapers, carpools, and pee wee sports certainly isn’t sexy, but we love that part and love the little humans we are raising.




  • mox-ie


    n. (informal) force of character, determination, or nerve.

    "When you've got moxie, you need the clothes to match"


  • Fashion Week Recap

    September 22, 2018
    Fashion Week Recap

    A note from Sam: As I went to publish my recap and review of Pittsburgh Fashion week, an event that impacted me greatly and was so great for our community, it came to my attention that PDCDC chose to end their creative collaboration with Ms. Elysia Newman. I am confused and astounded at this [...]

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  • How Gen X Parents Can Teach Consent to Gen Z

    Since a big chunk of Moxie Mama is parenting, but specifically the BOY MOM arena, I felt I should speak about this really important, after-school special moment. The internet is currently filled with he said/she said, comments about ruining someone's life over an event from high school, and [...]

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  • The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiSIQzwIPzQ Poor Linus.  His loyalty to the Great Pumpkin knows no end!  Sally thinks she was fooled, but I would suggest that Linus just didn't find the most sincere pumpkin patch.  How do I know?  Because it truly exists, right in my back yard. The family [...]

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