A Proper Pumpkin Princess

I am obsessed with Halloween.  Like beyond.  Tons of decor, I love to play dress-up, and I go all out with special effects makeup for the boys’ Halloween costumes (yes, I have taught myself). So OF COURSE I had to do a whole post about it!

In all transparency, these photos were taken LAST year, right before all hell broke loose in our family and I just didn’t have the spirit to create the blog post.  In further honesty, reliving it all again this October made me put it off.  The house has been decorated, our candy bought, but I simply could not get this post done.

I mention this for a few reasons before we dig in:

  1. I don’t want to sugar coat the tough stuff.  October was HARD this year.
  2. It’s ok to not be ok.  And I want you all to know that.  Yes I have pretty pictures of pretty items in Moxie Mama, but I will never shy away from the challenging parts of life and family.  Bring it on, people.  We are in this together.
  3. My hair is way shorter in these photos and you will all be like “oh, did she cut her hair off again?” so no, I didn’t.
  4. The looks and decor I’ve linked may not be exact because it’s been a year.  But they are all fun clothing and decor items soooo….
  5. Silver lining–because of my delay, everything is ON SALE for you to stock up for NEXT YEAR!


Love this girly yet spooky outfit from Modcloth.
Skirt actually glows in the dark....

Dressing up is fun, but Halloween isn’t limited to an actual costume.  I love Modcloth for festive attire with a retro spin.  This skirt and top is very ladylike, but cool.  I added the crinoline to really push that retro vibe and procured a spiderweb crown.  Click HERE to shop some fun looks at Modcloth.

Welcome to our home.
Greeting our trick-or-treaters

When I decorate for Halloween, I always make my entrance eerie without being too scary.  I have a great twisty tree, a ghost, and a small graveyard that includes a motion-triggered screaming headstone.

My foyer, because the kiddos will see it, has witchy hands coming out of the wall, holographic photos, and lots of spiders and drapey cobwebs.

The other room that gets a major melancholy makeover is the family room.  Our fireplace is the centerpiece of the room, so each year I drape it with black netting, numerous skeletons, black feathers and ravens.  If we get cool enough temperatures for a fire, it casts an eerie glow into the room as we watch Halloween murder movies with popcorn and cider.


While much of my particular decor has been curated over the years, I have linked many of my favorite items available THIS year.  Take a look as many of these items have been marked down and are perfect to start planning YOUR Halloween 2020. To shop my favorties, click HERE.

Happy Halloween, everyone!