Ok a VERY silly song reference for the recent product test I tried for you all.

I’ve done oil pulling off and on for years and have always liked the results–really clean teeth, brighter smile, and I actually seem to stay a bit healthier when I’m doing it–but I just get a little freaked out by the feeling of putting a glob of oil in my mouth and swishing it until it melts.

I scrolled through Amazon looking for a natural but less messy (insert irony here) tooth whitening option and found this:

You can order this product by clicking the photo. But please read to the end before you do…


Seemed promising and I liked that it was natural.  It came with a bamboo toothbrush from amazon and would arrive in two days.  SCORE!  It should be noted that I am OCCASIONALLY a lazy shopper.  I glanced at lots of 5 star reviews and this image only before dumping it into my shopping cart.

When it arrived, I was anxious to whiten my teeth and cracked it right open.

wait! It’s BLACK!



Ok, this is NOT what I expected, but if I am going to be an honest and authentic product tester and blogger, I am going for it.

Oh yeah. Charcoal. Probably should have paid more attention.







While I thought the toothbrush was just a super nice add-on, I soon realized why they send a separate toothbrush to use with the CHARCOAL tooth powder.



I scooped out some of the powder, wet my brush, and put the powder on the toothbrush.  ANNNNNDDDDD I started brushing….

What the actual EFF is this?

This stuff is nothing short of a horror film.  Rocking my best EXORCIST face, I brushed away, laughing at how ridiculous it was.  Perhaps I’d just save it for Halloween next year….

As I brushed, I did notice a truly pleasant flavor, and the way it FELT on my teeth was good–effective but not too gritty. My mouth was crazy looking, but I was hopeful for the outcome.

Enjoying the pleasant flavor and texture of my new tooth powder.


Now it was time to rinse and see the results.  There was one more major hurdle to overcome that I (also) had not (stupidly) anticipated, the sink.






My FRESHLY CLEANED bathroom sink was COVERED in black drool.  And people, do you KNOW just HOW MUCH SPRAYS OFF YOUR TOOTHBRUSH as you brush?  OMG black speckles on my mirror and the whole counter.

Thank goodness for these….totally saved the day.

Mr Clean to the rescue! I’ve even linked the photo to buy as a companion for your tooth powder!


Anyway, through this all, I forgot to take a decent BEFORE photo, but I do have a photo after I’ve used it for about three weeks.  And yes, I did keep it up!  Beauty takes work people, and I’m calling all the cleaning as cardio for a win/win!

All smiles and I do really love how my teeth feel now–waaaay less tartar and super healthy.


So tell me, after this completely HONEST review, would you try it?

Let me know in the comments!