As a Mom of teens, finding ways to engage them is often challenging.  They have social lives, can drive, and want to explore their new independence.  Video gaming and social media add another complication to this as my boys often want to get online to join some sort of game party or whatever it is.  This Boymom never says die, though, and we revert back to some of our old standards to keep the kids involved and enjoying a night in.

Enter GAME NIGHT! Fortunately, we raised our kiddos to enjoy playing board games and doing puzzles, but even if you feel you’ve missed your window, you may be surprised.  AND since it’s the holidays (read: you are about to be stuck with your kids and no school for around ten days), I’m sharing our family’s favorites!

If you find yourself interested in any of the items shown, just click the photos to order!  You could have them in time for break…

Apples to apples is great with younger kids and older kids! Click the photo to order!                                                              

Jenga is another game that’s great with smaller kids but grows with your family.










This game is HYSTERICAL!!! Also clues you in to whether your kiddos are good fibbers. 😉

Trivial Pursuit has been a favorite of mine since MY teen years! There are Disney, 1980’s, Millennium editions! I’ve linked the Master Edition here.











Yahtzee is great for younger kids for math skills, and prepares your older kids for poker nights!

This game is super for everyone, but especially the person holding the buzzer (see: Four Christmases for reference)











It’s great to have this game on hand, but you can also always have an easel, a big pad of paper, and markers on hand. Himself makes our family’s clues so the whole house can play!

New to our family as the boys are both in high school now–this game is the teen gateway to Cards Against Humanity. Cause this mom ain’t ready to share that with the kids yet.














Ok, so we have a LOT of friends who also enjoy game night.  This game is NOT for kids (well, ok, I’m sure they all play this game, but it is NOT for a mom to play with her sons perhaps ever).  It is filthy, full of obscenities, and absolutely HYSTERICAL!  Cocktails not required but certainly helpful.

THIS is a relatively harmless combo….


And you may want to get yourself a copy of this, too….

seriously. there are terms you will not know….


Enjoy your holidays!  What are some of YOUR favorite games to play?