Pittsburgh’s Hometown HAUTE team of W by Worth stylists: l-r Sara, Me, Andrea, and Kathy

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me why they need a personal shopper.  And then I’d also like a dollar every time I hear a woman say she has LITERALLY nothing to wear!  I would be a BILLIONAIRE.

Does this sound like you?  Do you have a closet JAMMED full of items and no idea how to put them together?  Do you long to clean out what’s there and make sense of it all?

I became an official personal shopper in 2014, but have been selecting items and advising friends for years.  It’s not uncommon for my phone to buzz on a Thursday with “what should I wear to_______ tomorrow?” across my screen.  I adore working with women and finding out their image and style goals, then moving forward with the plan!

A few weeks ago on Whiney Winey Wednesday, I walked you through the showroom for W by Worth (here locally.  We also have an AMAZING showroom on 5th Ave in NYC but more on that another time) and described the personal shopping appointment. If you missed it or want to check it out again, take a look! The W by Worth shopping Experience on Whiney Winey Wednesday. Clients can enjoy the expertise of our stylists at no charge in the showroom–how about THAT?!?! We keep shopping histories, invite you to bring your favorite jeans or hard-to-style pieces for us to work INTO your wardrobe along with our items.  We build WARDROBES, we do not just sell outfits and pieces.  Imagine having an organized idea of what to wear on any given day?


While this idea may seem a bit indulgent, we are all SO BUSY.  The personal shopper does the hard work for you by learning about YOU and not wasting time on items you don’t want or won’t wear.  I AM a personal shopper, and I have a personal shopper too!  She should be your go-to for any item you need for the best version of YOU.





Vintage calf-hair pumps, W by Worth leopard scarf, bag and sunnies from Ilymix.com. Click the photo to shop Ilymix and use code sam_20 at checkout for my 20% off gift to YOU!

Our service doesn’t end when you leave the showroom.  From shoes and bags to jewelry and the proper undergarments via a personal fitting (check it out HERE), we have you covered.









Perhaps most importantly, our team will make sure you are properly fit.  We have learned that MOST women are wearing the wrong size.  Knowing fit and the wear of fabrics is essential to keeping those pieces looking great for years!

Why yes, those ARE cute chip clips used to fit our garments!

Now for the fun part!  You can learn a little more about MY style or to shop directly at W by Worth by clicking HERE

And meet our team!  I LOVE the ladies I work with.  We come from different backgrounds and are different ages, but we are a fashionable force!!!

Kathy Balouris my gorgeous Greek GODDESS.  Kathy has been in fashion for years and it shows! Click her photo to check out her bio and site!






Andrea Glickman is our city chic(k). Her passion for fashion comes through with each client. Click her photo to learn more about her and see her shop.

Stunning Sara Kiser is our millennial muse! She mixes funky pieces with a classic elegant style. Check out her bio or connect to shop by clicking the photo.





Don’t live in Pittsburgh?  We can still help!  We have the coolest tech to COMPLETELY style you virtually–100% satisfaction!  Ask me how and we will get you connected.


I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting the team and learning why this service is something to gift yourself.  Whether you are raising your kids or heading the corporate board, you have an image and we are here to help!